The Leadership of Michael Jordan

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The Leadership of Michael Jordan

The leader I am going to write about is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is a great leader. He played for the Chicago Bulls for several years and had lead the team to five championships. He then retired for a couple of years and now is playing with the Washington Wizards. Three characteristics that would describe how Michael Jordan became a leader would be respect, communication, and he is a role model.


Michael Jordan has respect for the game and for his coach. He also gets respect from the other players on the team. If the other players that were on the team with Michael Jordan did not respect him, and if he did not respect the other players then they would not play like a team. When he plays, he plays his best. He always listens to what the coach and other team players have to say. If you are not respected you will never become a leader. If you don’t respect someone you are more likely not to ignore what they are saying and do the opposite in some cases. He also gets respect off the court. He does lots of community work and also helps out when the times are bad. For example, his income from this year is going to the September 11th fund.


Communication is a big factor in becoming a leader. If you can not communicate with others then you are going to have a hard time becoming a leader. Michael Jordan communicates on and off the court. He has to communicate well with the other players on the team so that they can win. With out communication they would have a hard time playing as a team. Since he has become a player for the Washington Wizards, you can see that he has been communicating with the younger players. When they are playing he will help them out with new plays and show them what they did wrong during a play if something did not work out right. I have seen this happen in several of the games that I have watched on television. This shows that he can also be a leader in a situation where he is playing with younger players who have not been playing the game as long as he has.

Role Model-

I think that you have to be a role model to some people to be a good leader. If the players on the team look up to him then they are more likely to listen to him when he has suggestions. He is a role model on the court for all the younger players. He is a role model for many people outside of basketball also. Younger children that are just getting started in basketball will always say, I wanna be like Mike. They look up to him because he has been so successful at basketball. The other players also look up to him because he has been very successful in the sport. All of these tie together to be a successful leader. If you can not work well with others you are not going to do a good job at being a leader. Respect and role model tie together. To be a good role model you need to be respected by the people you work with. If there is no respect for a leader they are more likely to fail at what they are trying to get done.

I think that Michael Jordan is a great leader, not only on the basketball court but also off the court. He does many things for the community and he also plays the game the best he can every time. He is good at what he does and this also helps him a lot to be a great leader.

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