Performance Appraisal System At Msf Uk Management

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This investigation sought to determine the effectiveness of MSF UKs performance management system, focusing specifically on the current method of performance appraisal. Drawing on the views and experiences of employees at MSF UK - both appraisees and appraisers - the study considered elements of employee satisfaction with the current system; employee understanding of the purpose of appraisal; line manager's perception and attitudes towards conducting performance appraisals; and the views of HR specialists and senior management on the quality (efficiency and effectiveness) with which appraisals are conducted.

The discussion considered the extent to which employee understanding correlated with the intended purposes of appraisal at MSF UK as stated in organisational guidelines. Three of the six intended purposes appeared to be well recognised by employees: 'Reviewing past performance'; 'Setting objectives'; 'Identifying training needs'. Less apparent from the research was appraisal being used to 'Review whole jobs' and 'Review working relationships' although for the most part this was attributed to the relative inexperience of appraisees. One critical purpose of appraisal which appeared to be overlooked was 'Discussing career aspirations' and there was further confusion regarding MSF UK's precise role in individuals' career development.

The precise extent to which purposes are effectively met appears to be dictated very much by the individuals concerned (appraisee and appraiser) as too does their experience of positive and negative aspects within appraisal. Close analysis of these aspects and their relative importance enabled a number of key recommendations to be made. MSF UK would be well advised to consider these recommendations in an effort to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the current appraisal system at MSF UK.


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