How emotional intelligence significantly contributes to effective leadership

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The purpose of this report is to examine how emotional intelligence significantly contributes to effective leadership. Given the dimensions of emotional intelligence, the focus is made on how the current management can utilize the knowledge of emotional intelligence to steer organizations to sustainable growth. This is motivated by the fact that through emotional intelligence, leaders inspire and attract positive change by making people believe in them. When people believe in leaders, this is the departure for successful management.

Motivation can give encouragement to everyone for their task. It also helps to motive people's life that they can be active and enthusiastic that they can lead with their members as a leader who has a responsibility. Empathy describes a deep understanding according to emotional reaction of other people so they share their mind for others to understand as a leader who consider and care of members. Social skills are included in communication which indicates relationship with others so people can share their common ground and build their familiarity in society.

It is clear that emotional intelligence has an effect in leadership. Emotional intelligence has five components to get benefits in leadership. Every dimension is based on people's mind that leadership can be used with true mind of leader like self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy and social skills. Those components have different abilities which can lead others. Leadership is a way of harmony of organization. It is not forced and not passive. This paper has examined the role of emotional intelligence in shaping leadership and it is recommended that; good leaders know how to read and use their emotions positively to mentor and motivate employees.

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