H and M The communication processes

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The choice of my company is H & M ( Hennes& Mautriz). It was set up in 1947 which is acknowledged for its rapid fashion clothing offerings for men, women, adolescent and children. It remains a distinctive phenomenon because of visible difference in the behaviour of the customers in the existing retailing market. It is victorious and expansive company in both market and financial performance term. The H & M strategies have carried out along the line of persistent growth and seek for promising market largely. It can also be taken as example of the advantage brought by incorporated e- business solutions.

Communication is the process of sharing or flow of information, ideas, emotions data etc between two or more people. It involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver (U.S. Army, 1983). The efficient communication arises when the receiver comprehends the precise information that the sender meant to convey. In H & M the problems arises either the direct result of the staffs failing to converse. Later this leads to turmoil and failure of good scheme. The communication is essential in H & M to spot the problems that may be holding them back, to enhance skills, to discover how to firmly stand their ground, to develop the abilities to handle intricate situations.

The communication processes in H & M:



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