Brief History Of Performance Issue Management

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The co-operative group is a united kingdom consumers' co-operative, it was founded in 1863 and after the acquisition of Somerfield supermarket , is the world's largest consumer-owned business, with over 4.5 million members and 123,000 employees across all its business. Regional and local retail co-operative societies are corporate members of groups.

The Co-operative Group is a family of businesses, led by its principles and owned by its members; it is not controlled by shareholders or financial investors solely for the pursuit of profit. Each of the members has an equal right to a say in how the business is run and how its social goals are achieved. The family of businesses comprises: food, travel, banking, insurance, pharmacy, funeral, legal services, investments, online shop, electrical and beds. Membership is open to everyone as long as they share the Group's values and principles. Every year members receive a share of the profits that they helped to create, based on the amount made in profits that year and the how much they had spent with any of its businesses. HereI am discussing the performance issue in Somerfield as there are below

1.1 Brief History of Performance Issue

Co-operative food announced its acquisition of Somerfield food stores in mid March 2009. As it has majority of stores in the market and buying it propelled the co-operative business in Major League, making it the fifth largest food retail in the London. To facilitate the smooth transaction of Somerfield stores into co-operative stores, all over the stores integration programme were runned for the smooth flowing of the business. when the stores was refitted with the co-operative brands, the Somerfield stored managers and supervisor and customer service assistant needed a training to emotionally and intellectually connected to Somerfield employees with the co-operative brands promise and customer experience. They needed both the knowledge and confident to ensure that they could deliver a co-operative branded customer experience in the stores from the day one of change over. the co-operative food was that as each new rebranded stores opened and it was not to see the sales drops in six-month to its achieve challenges, there need learning design. Are. one day colleague events for a group of 40 to 150 somerfield employees that helped them to fully understand the brands and customer experience.and build to competence and confidence to deliver this with passion everyday and two days workshop for Somerfield managers to give them knowledge on the brands promise and customer experiences as well providing then the tools and supports to leads their teams through the transition will be turn to them in ambassadors for the co-operative food business and protect the all important sales performance. the trainer programme for a team of in house facilitators from both the co-operative and Somerfield they were able to delivered the program around the London there need to learning the delivered initial workshops and there need to be designed and delivered within the short period to ensure fell in lines with the tactile re-branding roll out plan.

1.1.1 Reason for selecting the issue

When my company had been merged with Somerfield the managers and supervisors of Somerfield are getting problem with the customers and there cannot proper communicated with the customers so my company realised that the staff and the manger need some training and there should now about the company values so the company got attention on this problem and my regional manger had send us mail recording to ask the opinion for the Somerfield mangers that there don't know about the company and there are facings difficulty with them so the company day by day losing the customer in some branches so I have given my view to my regional manager to increase the satisfaction .

1.2 Communication methods

Communication is the process by which all forms of information are transferred from one place to another. So for communication to take place there must be some information to be conveyed and there must be two or more person-one to deliver the message and the other to receive it communication is said to be perfect only when the receiver understands it in the sense the sender expected him to understand.

According to dale S.Beach communication as the transfer of information and understand from person to person.

According to McFarland, communication is a process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More especially it is the process by which meanings are perceived and understandings are reached among human beings. Communication can be divided in two types there are verbal, nonverbal.

Business Communication is communication used to promote a product, service, or organization. The business communication message is conveyed through various channels of communication, including the internet, print, radio, television, outdoor, and word of mouth. Business communication helps to bridge the gap between planning and execution. Efficient communication matters because business organizations are made up of people and also effective communication within organisation or outside the organisation increase the image as well as goodwill of the organisation in the mind of business partner, employees and consumer. Here I had used the verbal and nonverbal method to communicate with my manger I had send him a latter recording how to solve the trainings problems with Somerfield employees and i had implemented the some methods so that there can easily understand and quickly there can accept the changes in person and professional life.

1.3 McKinsey's 7S THEORY

The co-operative was facing the problem with the employees of the Somerfield and by using the Mckinsey's theory we can easily solve the problem by identify what there need now and for the future. This model is based on the theory that if organisation should performance better there need to be aligned and mutually reinforce during the other changes. Whatever the type of change - restructuring, new processes, organizational merger, new systems, change of leadership, and so on - the model can be used to understand how the organizational elements are interrelated, and so ensure that the wider impact of changes made in one area is taken into consideration You can use the 7S model to help analyze the current situation (Point A see appendex B), a proposed future situation (Point B see appendex B) and to identify gaps and inconsistencies between them. It's then a question of adjusting and tuning the elements of the 7S model to ensure that your organization works effectively and well once you reach the desired endpoint. So by apply this theory we have been successful in achievements of there training. Using the information I have gathered, now examine where there are gaps and inconsistencies between elements. Remember you can use this to look at either your current or your desired organization. [].

1.3.1 Appropriate communication method

There are communication methods that can be persistently used, or repeated on regular basis. Modern management requires more details and specific data for understanding and resolving an issue within the organization. Methods of communication are therefore subjective, and have to be carefully chosen to convey correct information (by Lyn Smith2008).


In case of Somerfield i had evaluated the method of communication to the regional manger in the written communication I had mention the solution which can be consider and can also be implement so that the Somerfield employees will be get motivated with our staff so that there can easily maintain customer loyalty and a strong sales performance in there worked there will the knowledge about the company. In the latter I had mention the solution which can be helpfull to company (See appendix A). Organisation can use the channel by the organising annual employee meeting on aquartely basis by the communication on the company annual growth,goals,objective and future strategies employees will have a better understanding on the company in the present and future,their career prospect with the organisation enabling them a map out of personal learning plan to share the organisation future also this process allows the manager to better their staff in the sharing the vision of the organisation proving the focus for learning and benchmark for the furtue achievement the collective nature of the organisation process (wood&fitzgerald,2006).once this had been established,time is required to carry out target.

1.4.1 Finalization and consolidation of the communication method

I concluded that it would be appropriate to utilize the questionnaire, attached with my letter to the management, in order to show the requirement of staff training and that the management can no longer afford many losses by the staff. A letter mentioning the need to provide the training the staff attached with the questionnaire show the positive effects on the employees. Regional mager should shake up the management to actively resolve the issue with the employees. The communication will be biased towards the benefits to the staff and the management, but will certainly lay more importance to the organizational benefits. As concentrating on organizational benefits will help resolve the issue that lies in front of the management so that there can easily solve the problem with the Somerfield employees.


The experience of providing the solution to management. It is important for an organization to be a learning organization. Many organizations might experience organizational learning but not all will eventually be a learning organization. There is a need to ensure that every organization to be a learning organization as from there, values is added and that same mistakes will not be made twice.Being a learning organization includes the application of the Portfolio Value Approach (PVA) and allowing all employees of the organization have the common goal and shared vision so that whatever experiences that they have will be shared and lessons are learnt for each individual. Change on this scale is a big thing for people, and prior to the workshops the uncertainty by some Somerfield colleagues of working for a new retailer they knew very little about was affecting performance. However after the workshops, the vast majority of Somerfield colleagues felt reassured excited and emotionally connected to their new employer and its impacting on performance in a positive way - sales have been maintained in the re-branded stores and in some cases are even stronger than before. I learned from evaluating this issue was that at management level, i always be responsible for making the operations run smoothly and without doubt responsible for providing toolkit for employee for efficient functioning of the organization.

- Importance of communication in an organization :-


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