Workplace Has Become More Diverse Management

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CHH Conex employs 107 people currently and is a leading provider of bespoke cable assemblies, innovative design, manufacturing, integrated products, logistics services and other related services to create value and minimise waste. CHH operates in telecoms, transport, medical, industrial, defence, aerospace and security markets.

The company is constantly evolving and changing and as a result the workplace has become more diverse that is why company need to maintain their diversified workforce to make an employee more engaged and need to develop one team spirit to achieve one common organisational goal.

1.1. Background of study

Managing a diverse workforce in the organisation is becoming more complicated day by day (Wollan et al, 2009).People differ widely in terms of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, graphic profile or social background (Guirdham,2011). It will become more critical for the organisation with the passage of time to manage their diverse workforce and it will create the problem of communication. CHH enjoys diverse workforce with 12 different nationalities but at the same time it creates the problem of communication, cultural in-groups and low employee engagement and efficiency and this problem mainly seen in the Production department. People are setting in their cultural group during the break time as they share the same language and food divided them in cultural groups. According to Maude (2011) cultural generalisation affects the way of communication such as people who share a same racial or ethnic background, members of same culture often live in the same geographic region, share the same value system which may clash with the value system of other cultures and way of communicating with other people. All these factors or value system creates the problem of cross cultural communication at the work place which automatically led low morale and low employee engagement.


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