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Edumentor Educational Services, is an organization operating in its 6th year and is engaged into providing comprehensive, result oriented entrance test preparation for graduation level management courses (BBS/BFIA/BBA/BBE) at various institutes.

The USP of the company is its extensive promotional strategies being implemented by the MBA Interns.

Over these years, EduMentor has been able to grab a niche for itself in this highly competitive industry as it has always been focuses on product quality and delivery. A major emphasis is on the BBS/BFIA courses at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS), University of Delhi, as this is the best institution in the south East Asian Region for the same .The other institutes are the likes of IP University, Symbiosis etc.

This year the company has expanded its horizon by introducing coaching for five new courses i.e. HM (Hotel Management), Mass Communication, Law, B.e.Led (Bachelors in Elementary Education) and CA (Charted Accountancy). Since students get only approximately 2 months to prepare for all the entrance tests, the institute begins its initial batches barely a day after the 10+2 examinations. Also, unlike the competition which consists of major players from the CAT/CA/CS market of other preparatory institutes, like Career Launcher, IMS, P.T. Education, BBA/BBS/BBE/BFIA is the core competency that EduMentor deals in, hence it basically operates seasonally, from about 2 months before the XIIth examinations, to about 12weeks after the same. But now this year with the launch of CA (Charted Accountancy) - CPT preparation course, the company plans to operate annually.

For other new courses and along with the existing ones the rest over year is spent in refining the course material, and conducting career counseling sessions at various schools (70 schools covered last year) which also provide a database of students which can be used later for over the

Phone counseling, sales calls and information regarding free sessions and form dates. The role of the MBA program interns is critical to the complete process.

The interns are taken in batches so that one batch works the first half of the critical activity which is the recruitment of a huge ground level workforce of associate level workers Primarily, this team of second batch interns is divided into two groups, the counseling team, that is responsible for career counseling at the respective centers and over the phone counseling of students and parents , which the author was a part of.

The second group handles the vital component of the Board Centre activities.

This activity aims at maximizing the promotion efforts to the core target audience, i.e., class XII students (mainly commerce stream). During this activity, 350 board examination centers were located by various methods by the team, and compiled onto a list of centers that is divided into North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi & West Delhi. These zones are handled by zonal managers, under who up to 12 managers handle 4-5 board exam centers each. Each Zonal manager is responsible for building a team under him, which works on the D day i.e. the Board Examination day.

1.1Company vision:

EduMentor was started with the intention of providing specialized coaching to the students who wish to seek admission in BBS / BBA / BBE. Aim was not just to open a coaching institute but rather to create a Knowledge Hub where students are the top priority. That is the reason why our faculty consists only of those who have been to the best in the field of BBA/BBS/BBE, making us
‘The Only Specialist BBA/BBS/BBE Entrance Coaching Institute”.

At EduMentor our core competency lies more in mentoring our students with those skill-set and weapons of education with the help of which they can easily fight their own battles and win them in the long run.

Students come and go year by year but every year a lot of students are referred by old students making EduMentor.

1.2Purpose, Scope, and Limitations of Project: Purpose:

The purpose of the project is to get an overall idea about the marketing of EduMentor Educational Services. It aims at developing the promotional and business development strategies of the company after thoroughly analyzing the same of the competitors. As the aspects of this project are multidimensional so is its purpose. It will take into consideration the mutual benefit of the company coupled with gaining some practical knowledge about the Education market & their overall marketing strategies & processes.

Value-addition to the Company
  1. Find out the various products and courses present in the industry
  2. Find various promotional and business development activity being undertaken by the company and the its competitors
  3. Make company know the best products, methods and practices present in the market and develop strategies accordingly.
  4. Find out the positive and negative aspects pertaining to specific area of operations.
  5. Suggest the company the best possible scheme coupled with awareness and timing of benefit.
  6. Overall business development of company in terms of revenue and value enhancement and making the company operations more efficient and effective for long term benefit.
Academic Benefits:
  1. Got an insight of educational products and gain through knowledge of various promotional strategies.
  2. Real time experience of interacting with perspective customers and convert them into real customers.
  3. Real time experience of doing a market research & practical experience in convincing the end-users to fill up the questionnaire
  4. Handling a team and act as a leader giving that winning edge which would not have come naturally
Scope of Project:

The objective of the project includes, the organizational Development at EduMentor Educational Services. EduMentor had entered the market of educational services 6 years back, so the basic aim of this project is Business Development that is generating business for them by attracting student's year-by-year by virtue of its product and ensuring effective operational accuracy across all its centers.

This would include structuring of the entire business so as to increase the efficiency of the work done at EduMentor. The project would enable EduMentor in Business development of the educational packages by reaching to the maximum number of students. Also it aims at developing promotional strategies (by keeping in mind the requirements of target audience and moves taken by the competitors) to increase conversion of students into these programs. The project will also help in measuring the students preferences for EduMentor educational package and how best EduMentor can come up with an educational package that meets the need/expectation of students based on the survey that will be done.

Limitations of the Study:

As this project undertaken includes a lot of activities and is very vast so considering the accuracy of all the aspects as required by the study is a major limitation. However, every attempt will be made to overcome any flaw which might occur due to this. Certain other factors which can form drawbacks to the conclusions of the project are:

a) Reach

The company covers Delhi NCR region, it doesn't go beyond the boundaries of our

national capital, hence expansion is limited.

b)Finance issues

The company is not funded by outside source and due to this problem it has limited

resources to offer during various Business deals which cater to improper results at the

end of the season for the organization.

c) HR issues

The company doesn't have enough HR‟s to manage out the activity in spite of the fact that hiring of summer interns from prestigious colleges like ICFAI Hyderabad & Gurgaon provides a little edge in management, still occurrence of numerous loopholes tend to occur.

d) Work Definition

The results and conclusions of the project cannot be generalized as the area of work assigned to me is restricted to the north zone (as Center Management) and NOIDA Zone (as Zonal Manager).


§ Ghost shopping

In order gain insights of the strategies of competitors a study was conducted to gain knowledge about the business model of various competitors like Career Launcher and IMS and develop competitive promotional strategy for EduMentor accordingly and thus be the best among a few.

§ Relation building

Interacting with class XII students and their parents in order to get an idea of what all they expect from an institute preparing for BBA/BBS/BBE entrance exam and also to brief them about various options one has after XII.

This is done by:

e) Conducting counseling in various tuition centers

f) On the day of the Board exams, we interact with the parents, do short term counseling and give them brief knowledge of our product and the services we offer.

§ Market research

The help of a questionnaire would be taken if necessary.

§ Business development strategies

As a part of business development strategy various activities like Board center activity was conducted throughout Delhi in order to reach the target audience.

  • On the day of the Board exams, we interact with the parents, do short term counseling and give them brief knowledge of our product and the services we offer
  • Also SPD (Sample Paper Distribution) forms an integral part of BCA in order to generate awareness among the target audience.
  • The Board Center Activity is the biggest marketing tool of the organization.

EduMentor was established with the goal of providing specialized coaching to the students who seek admission in top colleges for the courses like:

  • BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BBE (Bachelor of Business Economics)
  • BELED (Bachelor of Elementary Education)
  • HM (Hotel Management)
  • LAW
  • CA-CPT (Charted Accountancy - Common Proficiency test)

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