The Level Of Customer Satisfaction Commerce

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This project was carried out at DPC Motors Pvt. Ltd. Porvorim, Goa for a period of 4 weeks. (8th November 2010 - 4th December 2010)

Objective of the research:

The main objective of this research was to find out the level of Customer Satisfaction with regards to the company's After Sales Service.

How was the study conducted:-

The study was conducted through a well structured questionnaire.

The sample plan was random sampling

The sample units were the customers of DPC Motors Pvt. Ltd.

The sample size of the survey was taken as 100 customers

Scope of the Research:

This study was mainly focused on After Sales Service of the company.

This study encompasses customers of DPC Motors from all over Goa.

Limitations of the research:

The study is restricted to only the After Sales Service of the company.

Due to limitation of time I could not understand the respondents beyond what they were asked in the questionnaire.

Some people were hesitant to disclose the true facts.


After the tabulations it was found that the customers are not satisfied with the overall After Sales Service Process of the company.

The study revealed that the customers were not convinced with certain areas in the company's after sales service process, which has reflected in the questionnaire.

It was found that the customers believe that "There is a room for improvement" in the company's After Sales Service and consequently the company has to work on the same.

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