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Nordstrom Inc. deals in retail business with the fashion specialty stores all over United States. There are various countries which provide complete information about the retail business. All over the world it generally deals with them providing various service stores in different areas which offer different brands of fashion products offered for the convenience of the customers and to provide all the products accessible for them. According to a survey conducted by the New York Times, there are about 225 United Sates stores which are located in the thirty different states.

Nordstrom Inc. also provides online services for customer satisfaction. It has customer value chain and it also provides assistance in different retail businesses. There are also various services provided by Nordstrom, like off-price Nordstrom Rack stores. This is the most important aspect for the organization to provide all the information for the organization. This deals with the sales subsidiaries like HauteLook and Jeffery boutique. The company also deals with the operation of different sales and service shops. Another important segment of the company deals with is the Credit segment of the company which includes providing the savings bank account services and different other services like credit cards and debit cards.

Company Overview

Nordstrom Inc. is a leading fashion company which offers different stores and retail shops that offer a variety of products. It is generally associated with offering the perfect range of products. There are various products which provide services for the organizations so that it can offer better services. These stores offer a wide range of clothing, shoes, and other products. The organization is mainly associated with fashion stores, promoting fashion products, and other important aspects are to assist these organizations in the better form of providing with credit services for the convenience of their customers. The company also offers online facilities and mobile shopping services.


John W. Nordstrom was a Swedish national who left his home for better opportunities and career. He left his home and moved to New York to obtain a better future. When he arrived in New York he didn't have enough money, but he worked hard and started working. Later he left for Alaska when he discovered there was news about gold. He worked in a gold mine and then earned money sufficient for investment in a business. Later with that money he returned to Seattle with a friend name Wallin who owned a shoe repair shop, and then Nordstrom invested his money with him. They opened a shoe store with the name Wallin and Nordstrom. This was the beginning of the store and this later turned to the best shop by providing best quality products and services.

Later Wallin decided to give his portion of the company to his children and retire. This later became he only Nordstrom shoe store in the country which happens to be the largest. The shoe store then resulted as operating in different states as a chain of stores, which ultimately resulted as the largest shoe chain in the United States. Later, the company planned for its expansion and began with opening new product chains in the field of women's clothing. This was the beginning of a major developmental plan in the field of business and this resulted as offering new products for men's and children's wear. This shoe chain and stores later resulted as the Nordstrom Best brand name and registered as the Nordstrom Inc.

Company Organizational Structure and Change

Organizational structure and is the most important aspect of the company. The success of the company depends on the better team organization, effective leadership and productive work environment. Success of Nordstrom organization reveals that the reason for its success depends on the better organizational system. The Committee and Board of Directors of Nordstrom Inc. deals with the maintaining and creating the measures for providing better work environment and motivating employees to perform better. It is the major responsibility of the Company to perform all the responsibilities regarding the better structure and function of the organization.

To deal with the employees in a better way and to provide all the measures regarding the progress of the company it is the most important element for the Board to perform their responsibilities. The organization rule is to ensure the customer satisfaction which is the most important aspect for the organization. It generally is associated with customer satisfaction. It is the major condition for all the employees that they must use good judgment in organizational operations.

Composition and Term of Service

In Nordstrom Inc. the company structure is based on committee. The committee consists of three or more than three members of the Board. All the members of committee are recognized as the non-employee and outside directors. There are strict rules regarding the formation of the committee that the board of directors can eliminate any director or team worker and it is also their responsibility to fill any vacancy. Team work is also very important for these organizations to work properly and through proper motivation. There is also an important rule for the company t5o hold meeting in case if it is required. Under a committee, there are also subcommittees which operate under the independent directors.

It is the basic responsibility of every company to assign or delegate different tasks and to fulfill these tasks is the responsibility of the team. There is also process of evaluation to monitor the performance of team or committee. There is various process of the committee for the maintenance of the team performance and to provide the better task of the organizational structure. It is the main reason that it provides assistance to the organizations for the better system. It is the main concern associated with the organization. There are well defined rules and procedures for the company to perform accordingly.

Employees Perception and Theories of Motivation

It is the most important concern for the organizations to have efficient employees. It is one of the most important tasks for the organizations to motivate their employees to ensure excellent work performance. This requires looking for the strategies and methods to motivate employees. The basic need for the employees' motivation is that the employees must be satisfied. One main object of the Nordstrom organization is that they consider their customers as families which are loyal to the Nordstrom and they are with this organization for generations. This is the main reason that Nordstrom needs efficient employees to provide customer satisfaction. To satisfy their customers there is always burden and responsibility on the employees. Most of the employees consider this job as oppressive and difficult to satisfy all the customers.

On the other hand, there are customers who perceive that this job is much better and it provides better opportunity for the growth of employees, but even then these employees also face difficulties. This is a twenty four job which affects employees' performance. This is the reason that requires organization's attention to motivate their employees. In these circumstances it is very important to provide the hygienic conditions for their employees. Apart from these encouragement and appreciation are also very important to motivate them and to make others perform well. Positive and constructive competition also plays a positive role in employees' satisfaction. Salary and commission are the major factor of employee motivation. The best aspect to judge these criteria is on the basis of sales margin. Different motivational theories which are based on the reward system and to provide employee satisfaction are the basis of Nordstrom Inc.

Organizational Culture

It is a general concept that organizations have their own culture which affects its people and in returned affected by the people. Organizations are defined as separate entities and have their own personalities. This is the main reason that it is generally considered as the most important aspect for these organizations to have a definite culture. Organizational culture defines organization and its people. The Nordstrom is mainly concerned about its customers' happiness. This is the reason that it is the most important aspect for the organizations to achieve customer satisfaction.

First, most importantly, culture defines organization and provides the best quality products, employee satisfaction, and rewards to ensure customer satisfaction. It is generally associated with the stories that people generally consider as the most important concern associated with the organization. These stories about customer service are the main reason for the popularity of Nordstrom. These stories are about the extraordinary services within the company. They only concern about their customers and providing best services, this is the secret of their success and this is what defines the culture of this organization. It is the main concern for the organization to provide better services for their customers. This is the reason that it pressurizes its employees to concern about the customers. This will assist in understanding how the culture of an organization is developed and how Nordstrom Inc. worked on these terms.

Political/Legal Environment

Today's marketing environment is influenced by its open global marketplace and the explosion of the information age that has been introduced at this time in history. These laws can often create great business opportunities for the market environment. There is ° number of reasons why the legal environment forces is important to Nordstrom, particularly those involved with Nordstrom's marketing functions. Blake Nordstrom and his executives may be hit with legal actions such as price fixing or mail and wire fraud. Nordstrom must be in compliance with ethic and workplace laws in conjunction with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1974 or face expensive fines and lawsuits. Marketing decisions can have a huge effect on the developments produced by the political and legal environment. In general, the stability of the political system °ttr°cts ° strong national market.


In conclusion, Nordstrom Inc. is one of the companies which consider the customer satisfaction as their priority. This is the most important concern for these organizations to provide better services for their customers. Best quality services, respecting customer choice and considering customer as their family is the main reason for the success of this organization. Nordstrom Inc. is among the companies which define their employees' tasks and organizational structure to facilitate the customer satisfaction. It is one of the major concerns for the organization to provide better work conditions for the employees to assure that they can provide services to the customers. This is the reason that the small shoe shop becomes a massive chain of fashion stores. Even employees perceptions and companies agenda is to be designed by analyzing the customer choice. This also assists in managing and assisting the tasks for their teams and it ensures the employees motivation through encouragement, commission, salary and rewards which also depends on the sales targets achieved by the employees.

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