The Drp And Manufacturing Planning And Controlling Business

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Our company name is Zymo Cosmetics. As what the name describes cosmetic, our companys industry is a cosmetic industry. Cosmetic is a word that has been derived from a Greek word which means "technique to dress and ornament". In very early days Egyptian use a kind of balm which protects the skin. Romans use olive oil, rose water and bees wax to make a skin cream. In nineteenth century Vaseline had came and in 1911 the cream of nivea cream has arrived.

As the time passed and people have come from one century to other their eagerness to look good and young has grown up. In now a day's cosmetics industry is a very big industry and the largest cosmetic firm is L'Oreal. Cosmetic products are now available at everywhere and almost everybody is using it. United States is the biggest users of cosmetics.

Cosmetic industry is a very dynamic industry. This industry is based on some core components of business like marketing, supply chain, distribution requirement planning and so on. Because of the fast changing demand of the customers, this industry is very dynamic and it is very difficult to forecast or to understand the exact requirements of the customer. That is why in this industry the flow of information and the working of a supply chain are very important. Besides supply chain, Distribution Requirement Planning is also equally important. Our project will try to explain some of the features of this industry.


Till now there is no regulatory body for cosmetic industry, cosmetic industry is a self regulating industry which is not governs by any government or non government authority. In 1938 food, drug and cosmetic act had bought the cosmetic industry under the FDA's jurisdiction. But because of huge rise in the cosmetic industry the FDA has not been able to regulate the cosmetic companies. FDA does not approve any companies' product before it go the customer.

FPLA act has made it mandatory to show all the ingredient of the product, so that customer can know what they are purchasing.


Testing cosmetics on animal has been very controversial from years. Cosmetic product has some toxic material which creates skin and eye irritation. In 2003, animal testing of cosmetics product has been ban in Belgium, Netherlands and the UK. Still in lot of countries controversies companies are opposing this law.



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