Free Cause and Effects the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

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In the past people used to prepare their food at home with their families. Today however, fast food restaurants are very popular because many people find themselves obliged to go and eat there because they find no other solutions to do their jobs in time. Not all the people go for such reason because there are many who prefer to go to fast-food restaurants seeking their faster service. Briefly, as the fast-food restaurants have many reasons it has also many effects.
There are many causes that make people eat in restaurants. The first cause is that, people work for long hours so they don't find time to prepare food themselves; this is why they depend on the fast food restaurant because it provides them with food as quickly as they want. Another cause is that, fast food restaurants taste delicious. This is why we find many people attracted to it because it offers food that children or adults like, such as hamburger, pizza and so on. Moreover, fast food restaurants are near to workplaces, schools, and universities this is why people like it. This is an important factor for many people because they don't waste a lot of time searching for a restaurant.
Fast food restaurants have also many effects. First of all, it may affect negatively the health of the person in that it may cause obesity to the person especially children and adults because it contains many calories. Second, it is the best way for those who wants to waste their money, because eating outside is so expensive than preparing food at home. Moreover, the popularity of fast food may be a good reason for losing the tradition of eating at home which may lead to the lack of communication within members of the family.
Fast food restaurants become very popular nowadays because the life style of people changed. This habit may affect negatively the person’s health especially children and adults as well as the economic statue.

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