Persuasive How Taxpayers Money should be spent Education

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If it were up to me I would have the taxpayer’s money to go toward education. It would give children more opportunities. Also one day we will be running this country. By giving more money toward education you are also letting kids know that you do care if they are successful and makes them try harder in school and be the best that they can be.
By giving tax payers money to education we are also giving children better educations. Having a good education gives children a chance to have a good career and be successful in life. It allows them to make better choices and have more opportunities open for them. Then they know how important education is and encourages them to do the best they can. We show them that we do care about them and want them to have good careers.
Many people don’t understand how important education is. They don’t realize that one day we will be running this country. If we keep on taking money from schools we are basically telling students that education is not that important and we have bigger things to worry about. We need to put the children first because they are the future leaders of this country. By putting them last we are setting up a corrupt government.
There are many that think giving the taxpayers money toward health care is more important. The truth is if we had better education then we would have better jobs. If we had better jobs then we would be able to pay for our own health care. By giving more money to health care then to schools we are letting kids think that education isn’t that important and the government will take care of them if they aren’t successful, which is the wrong message to send.
All in all I think it would be better if taxpayer’s money went towards education. It would give children more opportunities for a better life. Also it would give them a reason to try hard and school and be successful in life. We need to prepare the future generation or else we will have a corrupt government run by people who don’t know what they are doing.

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