The Success And Achievements Of Life

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For an example of why I say that the effort person can be call success, there is a TV program in China call "China talent show". It is a competition about the talent show, in the program, the champions of the show is a person call Liu Wei, he is the person that I fell the most fortitude of the world. He win the competition is because he plays the piano with very well, maybe you will think that the other people can play piano very well but why he play the piano can get the champions in the talent show?

The answer is he had lost his both hand when he was young, he only can use his both leg to play the piano. When he first time came to the talent show, all the audience are silent and look at he because they are suspected. In their mind, they think that how can he play the piano without both hands.

After a few minute, he sat on the chair and the melody starting come out from the piano, after he finish his piano show, all the audience and the judge stand up and applaud him. When the judge asks why he wants to learn piano? He says that, there are only two ways on his life, either to die quickly or to live brilliant and there is no one say the piano can only use both hand to play.

He defined that the talent person is the person who use his or her own life to present their show. At the moment, I feel that he is the most fortitude person in the world and he is the person that I feel justified to call him as a successful people.The second example of why I call a person who have efforts and fortitude can be call as a successful person is Lim Goh Tong, he was the founder of Genting Highlands. He born in 1918 in Anxi, China, he start studies when he six years old, but his brother died when he was twelve years old and his father died when he was sixteen years old. So he get force to stop study because he need to work for support his seven family members.

He never says give up, he started from farming to earn money and pay for the debt. He know that farming is not enough to support his seven family members, so when 1937 years he came to Malaysia. At the time, he only got RMB 175 inside his pocket but he was very fortitude, he works as a carpenter and establish C&d industrial company. He started earn much money is after the Second World War, because at the time the demand of the scrap iron is very high, so he sell many of the scrap iron and get a lot of money.

One day, when he have a lunch at the Cameron highland, suddenly he had an idea, he thinks that if he can build a place on the mountain to give children play at there, it is very nice, but he think that the Cameron highland is too far from the Kuala Lumpur, so he has an idea to develop the Genting highlands. When he says to other people about his idea, all the people do not agree with his idea, they think that his idea is impossible to achieve. But Lim Goh Tong says that, if the mouth says can do the thing, hand will achieve it. He don't have high education, cannot speak English very well and he does not have any experience about the management but he also continue to develop Genting Highlands.

He face many problem when he develop the Genting Highlands, especially the financial problem. But he also never give up, he use his eloquence and coordination to overcome the problem. Finally, the Genting Highlands private limited company was founded in 1965 years.

Now day, the Genting Highlands are from an unexplored hilltop become the world's most successful casino resorts. So, in my opinion, Lim Goh Tong is the successful person and I admire his spirit, he was a fortitude person, he never gives up his life when he was very poor and he also never give up his dream.The third example of why I say the person who have efforts and fortitude can be call successful person is Ludwig van Beethoven, he was a pianist. Beethoven learn piano when he was six years old. His teacher is his father, John, he teach Beethoven play the piano very early, so that make Beethoven have a piano show at Kolner Stage when he was eight years old.

Because Beethoven is very excellent about playing piano and compose, he become a music master when he was thirteen years old. When 1824 may 7, Beethoven led his orchestra to play the "Ninth Symphony". After they finish the music show, the sounds of clapping from the audience are coming out but Beethoven cannot feel that the warm atmosphere because he cannot hear anymore. He have got the tympanitis when he was five years old but he always think that the tympanitis will not affect he anything. Unfortunately the tympanitis was more serious up, when 1819 years, Beethoven thoroughly loses his hearing.

As a pianist and tone poet, how can he continue play the piano and compose without hearing? Although Beethoven lose his hearing but he never yield, he stand up again from the suffering and pain. He continue compose and finally he victory over the sickness and create a lot of the symphony and other music piece. He had already write 9 symphony, 35 piano sonata, 10 violin sonata 16 string quartet, 1 opera, 2 mass and other. Beethoven is also a successful person because of his fortitude and efforts, he never say give up when he feel hopeless.The last example of why I say that the effort person who has efforts and fortitude can be call successful person is the famous theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking.

He was born in 1942 and he was studied on the University of Oxford when he was 17 years old. Unfortunately, he was be diagnosis he got the Motor neuropathy and doctor says that he only can only live 2 years. Although he is survive after ten years, but he was already whole body become paralysis.

He become paralysis when 1980 years, but he can use the high technology wheel chair to pronounce and talk on the phone and write down the equation. He continue to write the work about popularization of science, he write A brief History of Time in 1988, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays in 1993, A briefer History of Time in 2005, The Universe in a Nutshell in 2001 and On The Shoulders of Giants in 2002. Now, his science work is translate into many different language and sell to whole world, his science work is become the world's bestseller.

So that's why I says that the Stephen William Hawking is a successful person, it is also because of his efforts and fortitude. He never give up when he become paralysis, he was very hard so that why he can become a successful person.Those example of the successful person is the person that I very admire, so in my opinion the successful person is a person that are very fortitude and has efforts, they are never give up when they face the problem, they will always find the ways to overcome the problem, continue move forward and finally they success.ConclusionI had already giving my own opinion that I think that how can call an individual successful. In my opinion I think that if you want success, you must be fortitude and must effort.

There are no have another ways to become success unless you are lucky, but if a person become rich because of lucky, for me that is not success. For an example, a person who win the Sports Toto and suddenly he become rich and he feel that he is a successful person, but the money can be infinite? He will spend out all the money in the future, how can that call a successful person?

So that why I think that the successful can only be call to the people who are already effort and fortitude to achieve the goal.

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