Verbal And Nonverbal Communication English Language

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The communication process made of a message being sent and perceived by the others. The message may be verbal or non-verbal. Communication means talking, making friends, interacting with people, having relationships either private life relationships or work related.

Communicating with others is essential in leading a normal life. We all communicate in our own way but we need to learn how to do it effectively. Communication has two types, there is verbal communication and non verbal communication. The verbal is includes oral communication mean that through words and writing. Example, a lecturer writing at the whiteboard and speaking at the class, and the students are writing what the lecturer spoke out and read what lecturer wrote out.

Second, non-verbal communication is without words mean that is expressive behaviors and body language/body signal. Examples, a boy kiss a girl to show the girl that he love her. The communication process is the guide toward realizing effective communication.

It is through the communication process that the sharing of a common meaning between the sender and the receiver takes place. Individuals that follow the communication process will have the opportunity to become more productive in every aspect of their profession. Effective communication leads to understanding.

The communication process is made up of four key components. Those components include encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback. There are also two other factors in the process, and those two factors are present in the form of the sender and the receiver. The communication process begins with the sender and ends with the receiver.

When encoding a message, the sender has to begin by deciding what he/she wants to transmit. This decision by the sender is based on what he/she believes about the receivers knowledge and assumptions, along with what additional information he/she wants the receiver to have. It is important for the sender to use symbols that are familiar to the intended receiver.

A good way for the sender to improve encoding their message, is to mentally visualize the communication from the receiver's point of view.

1.1Types of Communication

Communication can occur via various processes and methods and depending on the channel used and the style of communication there can be various types of communication.

1.1.1 Verbal communication

Verbal communication is divided into written and oral communication. The oral communication refers to speaking words in the communication process. Oral communication can be face-to-face communication or a conversation over the phone or on the Messenger chat over the Internet.

Spoken conversations or dialogs are affecting by voice modulation, volume and even the speed and clarity of speaking. The Another type of verbal communication is written communication. Written communication can be via letters, newspaper, mail, or email.

The effectiveness of written communication depends on the style of writing, grammar, vocabulary used, clarity and precision of language. Below are some types of verbal communication:

Types of verbal communication

-speaking and writing-reading and listening- Face to face discussions- Telephone conversations

1.1.2 Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is includes the body language or expressive behaviors of the person who is doing, which will include the body posture, overall body movements, and the hand gestures. The facial expressions are also play a major role while communication since the expressions on a person's face say a lot about his/her mood. On the other hand gestures like a handshake, wave hand to say hello or goodbye, a smile or a hug can independently convey emotions.

Another example, a person want to show uncertainty will make some ehh…ahh…ermm sounds to mean that are not sure. Non verbal communication can also be in the form of pictorial representations, signboards, or even photographs, sketches and paintings.

Types of non verbal

-facial expression and eye behavior-gestures and postures-vocal characteristic-personal appearance-touching behavior-use of time and spaceVerbal communication also includes the written word. Written includes emails, books, letters, magazines, newspapers, notes, faxes, announcements, commercials etc. Anything that is written is also verbal communication.

Oral communication has also besides real words, mere grunts, cries, whimpers that people make. Each sound we make can be interpreted and seen as a certain language. Communicating with others is done more easy and it`s more easy also to understand if the two people speak the same language.

1.2 Process of Communication

Channel & MediumReceivers send feedback to senderSender has an idea1

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