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This project attempts to review face threatening incidents derived from a biography that consist of intercultural communication techniques of interactions and conversations that emerge during the biographical re-enactment of American Congress Man Charlie Wilson attempts to galvanise support from the United States Congress, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and different countries with then and even now different levels of strained relations - Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia to wage a covert war in Afghanistan against the then Soviets Union.The data used for analysis in this project is sourced from selected excerpts of the movie that best portray intercultural communication even though the entire body of the work is in English language requiring no translation. There are also other excerpt of the movie that are utilized that do not strictly fall within the intercultural communication framework but assist in the analysis by clarifying the data used and reflecting some of the language theories discussed.


The background Information to the biographical novel that was adapted into the movie is as follows: during the period between, late 1979 - 1989 the then Soviet Union attacked and occupied Afghanistan and as a result, the refugee crisis that emerged on the Pakistani border was overwhelming.Influenced by a wealth donor, an American Congress Man instigated the appropriate sub committees in the American congress, the CIA, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan to wage and defeat the Soviets in a long raged bloody war.This event, even now, given the state of world affairs overtly seems more of a myth than a reality, but covertly as it is often expressed anything is possible under the sun. The work details the covert negotiations and transactions that allowed this phenomenon to materialize.The intercultural exchanges that are abound in the plot that unfolds in the film are numerous but a few appropriate excerpts are taking and adapted where the colloquial expressions are not appropriate for academic print for the purpose of this project work appropriate annotations have been employed to allow the context retain its literary effect.Again, there are other excerpts that are not derived from intercultural excerpts but presented as commentaries that serve to explain support or emphasis the context under analysis.


The research procedure employed in this project work is not typical of conventional data collection methodology associated with pragmatic research that are generally categorised under Interaction, Questionnaires, Interviews, Diaries and Verbal Report. It stems out of verbal reports given by Charlie Wilson, recorded and published into the public domain in 2003 by George Crile, adopted by Aaron Sorkin, re-enacted under the direction of Mike Nichols and released into the public domain for viewing in 2008 observed by me for speech actions and physical gestures relating to issues of face in presentations that is central in rapport management of intercultural interactions.The arguments can be made that these excerpts are staged managed and not authentic spontaneous data that is veridical but bearing in mind that the data is based on a biography that is re-enacted for reference with interviews and commentaries logged in the biography and in the movie it can be said with affirmation that it meets the requirement of basic data for research purposes even though it was not conducted directly by the researcher, a common acceptable phenomenon in every day academia. No attempt is being made to claim or assert that this research draws a theoretical base form another social science but simply propose that this presents a different method of collecting data for analysis.However, the method applied to gather this data could be said to be effective in being able to record speech actions and also assess the related gestures that accompany the speech action that help reinforce the quality of the data as is done with conventional data gathering where the data is collected actually by physical observation and collated through verbal report immediately after to preserve its veridicality and later verified and reapplied with other data collection methods like interview through the audio and video recordings. The following are the excerpt data from the film Charlie Wilsons War for analysis:

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