Our Town

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Our Town

Reading the play Our Town reminded me of my town Gaylord, Michigan. This is where my family and I called our town. Gaylord is a very small place just like Grover’s Corners. Grover’s Corners is a play that was written by Thornton Wilder called Our Town. In this play there are three things that make Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, and Gaylord, Michigan, the same place for me to live. Having only one main street is one similarity, another is everyone in town know everybody, and last but not least both these places adapted to the many changes of the growing world.

Just like Grover’s Corners, Gaylord has only one main street. Even though Gaylord has some side streets now it use to be only one street through the whole town. Along with Grover’s Corners, our main street was the place to go. Similar to Grover‘s Corners main street is always packed full of town’s people. Many who were sent to go and get milk and bread at the store or some just to look and gaze in the windows at things we could never afford. Yet it was always fun to go to main street, even if we didn’t get anything.

The next similarity is everyone knew everyone. Gaylord being about the same size Grover’s Corners was, meant that if there was a secret out or something bad had happened, everyone knew about it. Everyone was mostly friends, with the occasional few that were not very social. But it was ok to know what was going on around the town, just like Grover’s Corners. Just like in Our Town the doctor would have no hesitation on telling someone what had happened over night. But of course this is the 1900’s were talking about there were no privacy laws, and confidentiality things to worry about. It was not a terrible thing that you knew everyone in town, in fact it was kind of fun.

The last similarity of Gaylord and Grover’s Corners is adjusting to the growing world invading the town. In both places they had to adjust to people leaving the town in hopes of achieving higher education in the big city. Most of the families did not want they’re children to leave. The parents had they’re own hopes of the children taking over the farm. For example most of the town of Grover’s Corners did not want Sam Craig to leave. When he left his parents died, along with his cousins. So with him moving, he had to make some sacrifices that he might not have wanted to make if he had know what was going to happen. In Gaylord, many people resisted change. They loved their town and they believed that in what ever their father had told them. So more people stayed in Gaylord rather than moving away. Most knew in Gaylord as well as in Grover’s Corners that one day would grow, but they wanted to stay small for as long as they possibly could.

Coming from a small town, I know what the people of Grover’s Corners were living. I knew actually how they felt about things, and also how to react to them. These similarities between my town and Grover’s Corners; knowing everyone, having only one main street, and adjusting to the growing world, shows some things that are involved in a small town. They may not be worth very much to a city folk, but to us country folks we love are small villages and towns.

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