Neck Pain Among Computer Professionals

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One of the very important early steps in a research project is performing the review of literature. This is also one of the most humbling experiences we are likely to have. Why? Because we are likely to find out that any important idea we have, has been thought of before, at least to some extent.A literature review is always performed to identify related studies, to set the current project within the conceptual and theoretical context. When looked at that way, almost no topic is so new or unique that you can't locate relevant and informative related studies.

Here are some steps about conducting the review of literature.First, concentrate on the scientifically designed literature. Try to identify what the most authentic research journals are in the related area and start with those. Give more importance to research journals that use a blind or juried review system. In a blind or juried review, authors submit potential articles to a journal editor who solicits several reviewers who agree to give a critical review of the paper.

The paper is sent to these reviewers without any identification of the author so that there will be no bias (either for or against the author). Based on their recommendations, the editor can accept, reject it, or recommend that the author revise and resubmit the article. Articles in journals with blind review system are likely to have a fairly high level of credibility.Second, do the review as early as possible in the research process.

We will surely learn a lot in the literature review that will help us determine what the necessary things are. After all, previous researchers also had to face tradeoff decisions.What should we look for in the literature review?First, we might be able to find a study that is quite similar to the one we are thinking of doing. Since all authentic and credible research studies have to review the literature themselves, we can verify their literature review to get started on our own study.Second, prior research will help ensure that we include all of the important relevant constructs in our study. We may find that other similar studies routinely look at an outcome that we might not have included. Our study would not be judged properly if it ignored a major construct.Third, the literature review will help us to find and select appropriate measurement instruments/tools.

We will readily see what measurement instruments/tools those researchers used themselves in contexts similar to ours.Finally, the literature review will help us to anticipate common problems in our study context. We can use the prior experiences of others to avoid common traps and pitfalls.



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