Concepts Of Health And Healing

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This purpose of this paper is to review literature on the impact of Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) stigma in the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and highlight how the lay concept of health and healing could be used in fighting the stigma against people living HIN/AIDS. Hart, (2005:01), states that a literature review is essential in helping us to understand the subject we would like to study, what the key issues are, how much study has already been done on it and how it has been researched. The paper will begin by defining HIV stigma and identify its causes.

It will also highlight how stigma affects people living with HIV/AIDS, followed by a systematic review of literature from different studies on HIV/AIDS stigma and make some recommendations on how collective participation between the health structures and the lay people could help to tackle HIV/AIDS.A lot of studies have been conducted globally on the impact of HIV related stigma. Due to the broadness of the subject, this paper shall review literature pertaining HIV/AIDS stigma in relation to

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