American Involvemnet in Vietnam

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American Involvemnet in Vietnam

A country in shock as it watches the first living room war. The media is spreading it everywhere. For the first time in history the United States of America witnesses the Vietnam War. The colleges are ripped especially Kent State after the terrible shooting which occurred there.

Media is good for some things but not all. They can be informational and tell things that are the truth or they can tell the most horrible lies that cause bad things to happen. The US government is no help either by concealing the nature and objective of missions to Vietnam.

The government led the American public to believe that the soldiers who were going to Vietnam were "baby killers" and people who went the wrong reasons. The soldiers were led to believe that they were going to do a valiant duty for their country and came back to be spit on and insulted. They risked their lives and the happiness of their families and friends for a cause for which they were not rewarded.

The government is part of the problem. The media was told what and what not to tell the public. By doing this they limited what the public could know about and they put a large slant on it. The result was nasty. We should be taught to tell the truth and to respect people. The thing is that this set a bad example on the youth of that time. It is not like they wanted to be there. They had to go and because of that they were ridiculed? That is just not right.

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