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When religion is involved people go to churches,or masses or whatever their preference is, to hear the word of god and to be happy in their own beliefs.Aristotle says ‘‘Happiness then is best,noblest, most pleasant thing in the world’’ When a person is happy nothing can stand in their way, Happiness is a form of freedom in many ways. Aristotle also says Now if there is nothing in the world that is a gift of the gods to men,it is reasonable to suppose that happiness is a devine gift, especially since it is the best thing that humans can possess’’ Bentham and Aristotle believes that happiness is the ultimate goal of morality, he also believes that pain and pleasure are the determining factors of human behavior.In life everyone experience, pain and pleasure in some point in their lives. Pain makes us stronger, while pleasure gives us reason to exist comfortably.
Schweitzer believes that in preserving life and sharing the sorrows of others, we will experience a kind of joy that is missing from the lives of thoes who has lost the capacity for compassion. Unlike Aristotle and Bentham he doesn’t believe believe happiness is the highest human good. Schweitzer believes that we all had an elementary level of compassion but, as time goes on if the compassion doesn’t grow with you it’s all lost and soon after a lot of people become that way. So by leaving the ones with compassion wondering if they should become like the others. Instead of the compassionate ones trying to be like the ones that have no compassion at all, they should lead by example. Maybe we would be in a better place and be able to co exist in some type of formal manner.
Kant says that only acts motivated by good will have true moral worth. If you do something from the kindness of your heart rather then doing it to receive praise is the only good will that is out there. He went against Aristotle happiness theory because he believed goodwill passes over everything. In one of our conversations in class we discussed the churches purpose, and i stated that, while everyone gives offering we are helping maintain the pastor range rover, or his five bedroom villa. But some people went against me and said that some churches help feed, and cloth the needy. I honestly think you have to be lucky to find that because most churches are money hungry.

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