Introduction To Criminal Justice Systems And Social Ordering Criminology

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Criminal justice systems are critical to social order and safety: the heath, safety, well-being of each member of society and even social development itself are all considered to be dependent on the success of these programs. More than any other social institution, criminal justice is used as an indicator of social equity and order. Thus, there is a need to develop insights on how it can remain relevant and effective in society (Wall & Williams, 2007). Subsequently, this valuation of criminal justice systems is the reason for the varying perspectives and opinion. One of the most critical debates existing is between due process and crime control models. In the due process model, determination guilt or offense relies on the judicial decision while in crime control model guilt is established during arrest (Crime & Disorder Act Review, 2006; Criminal Justice System [CJS], 2008a).

In either perspective, there are requirements of proof for the determination of guilt and are both considered equitable. The source of the debate however are in the pre-crime and post-criminology treatment of suspected and actual offenders and in the crime prevention programs implemented (Zedner, 2007).

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