The True Story Of Blackhawk Down

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Blackhawk Down movie is written by Ken Nolan. Its story is based on the Mark Bowden book. Bowden presented the terrible raid in 1993 over Mogadishu by USA in a twenty nine episodes in a serialized story that published in paper in 2007. Mark Bowden was a staff reporter for Philadelphia Inquirer. After almost one year of that story, book appeared in stores throughout globe. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott presented this movie on the basis of that book.

This movie presented what it is meant for though it is not easy to sit through the whole movie and brings deep violence and combat for the audience. Lot of bullets and blasts are used in this movie which was never used before in recent movies. Lot of noise, messy and repetitious scenes made this movie very different combat. The illusion of being there was so strong and real that at one point of the movie, my head ducked down to avoid being struck by something in the room. Scott managed the message to convey without losing any sequence of events. I think there is not enough background to set for the audience in the start of the movie. This film presented the scenes of a failed United States mission which was started to take over the routes which helps Somalian militants. This movie was not meant to present what happened Mogadishu instead its concern was about 24 hours non-stop combat which killed 18 US servicemen and injured 70 others and countless Somalian civilians. The target of the movie was all about combat happened in Somalia not on the politics. The movie quickly outlines the dimensions of the story: US troops which are present in Mogadishu for the peace keeping efforts of United Nations.

Movie started with the quote of Plato "Only the dead have seen the end of the war". After opening of the story, audience was presented with the brief introduction of history of US presence in Somalia during early 1990's. The main objective of the movie is to arrest key persons of Mohamed Farrah Aidid, the lord of the Mogadishu. United States of America desired Aidid out of the way of Somalians and this was the best occasion to achieve that target. There was a stiffer resistance from the Somalian side as opposed to expectations in air and ground as well and due to this two Blackhawk helicopters are also down during this combat. The ground military people divided into groups as this mission was turned into a rescue mission and due to improper planning and bad luck, this combat turned into a catastrophe.

This film presented few aspects of interest of Western countries in oil where the context of the movie was not sacrificed to politics. In this movie, the lack of characterization transformed Somalis into a pack of growling beasts, cheerfully pulling Americans from the crashed aircraft and shredding them. It shows signs of miserably dramatic racism done either intentionally or not. There is only one African-American in between the raiding; Specialist Kurth; Gabriel Casseus is the American soldier who wants to dig into the heart of the action. His part in military operations also raises a question of racism imbalance that Black Hawk Down even tried to acknowledge.

Movie is very fascinating and fast-paced. The film attracts the audience so much that keep them on the edge of the seat which their eyes fixed on the screen. Slavomir Idziak, cinematographer used effective and frequent filters to present great Black Hawk Down's appearance in a great way. Music is very effective during the whole movie and used very accurately. Actors played their roles very effectively as the movie demanded and everyone was aware of what exactly he needs to perform. Josh Hartnett was very comfortable with his role as lead man during the movie than ever before in previous movies. Ewan McGregor managed convincing American accent and was presented himself as the film's least favorite hero. Character players of the movie who can be considered as real stars, Tom Sizemore and William Fichtner, who presented their bright personality. Sizemore is not a stranger to combat films as he acted before in Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor. Fichtner is the guy which is so much famous among people but one can recognize him for his best roles in Contact and Armageddon and also in Pearl Harbor. Rating R is rated for Black Hawk Down which requires under 17 age people, parental guidance due presence of violence, blood, and strong language usage in the movie.

Film Black Hawk Down presents its own identity because apart from all other movies which are based on wars are not real which BHD is based on real storyline, its pace and intensity of dramatized combat. This movie represents the US army at war in a modern way. Action in the movie was very dynamic. It also manages very complex story effectively and in proper theme. What I found in this movie was that how this movie technically and attractive performance of the pressure inherit in US military nowadays. There is clear combination of professionalism, optimism, terror and annoyance presented during the military combats. It is particularly emotional against the conditions of Iraq, presenting what hundreds of Americans experience on daily basis. It might not be the best and greatest movie amongst hundreds out there but it provides a clear picture of military operations, war and dealings. The only problem I found in this movie was that it only presented the picture according to American views but it does not shown any thing in perspective of Somalians. This is a movie depicts the triumph of United States of America military and its government involvement in Somalia.

The producers and Scott have tried to represent "Black Hawk Down" as a movie of American military boldness to a certain extent. No one can deny from the fact that people who fought and gave their lives in that combat for their own countries the day in Mogadishu were courageous. As depicted in painful scene, two Delta Force commandos offered to air-drop into one crash scene and protect their wounded pilot from armed Somali crowd without knowing whether or not this might help? There is lot of questions like what they were doing in Somalia? Why the whole city did started hating them? What is the outcome of this bravery combat?

Black Hawk Down movie never focused on these questions and audience did not find any appropriate answers of these questions. There are some awkward scenes during the movie like when young rangers were waiting in their barracks for the entertaining moments to start. These youngsters started taunting their own colleague Staff Sgt. Matt Eversmann because of his affection for the skinnies as Somalis are dark color and Matt also. There are only two things they can do at that time: Either help them or see them dying.

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