The Pros Of Twitter In Marketplace Media

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Since the first tweet was sent in 2006, Twitter has become a giant among giants within the social media world. With other social media sites such as Facebook and Linked-In, is there really a need to advertize on a website that acts like a simple text message? Why would businesses or organizations be interested in using Twitter as a forum to reach consumers and is it worth the time and energy used to get them? In fact Twitter does provide a platform that business and organizations can use to promote their product or message and be competitive at the same time. There are many different platforms and strategies to get your message out to the Twitter audience you just need to find the one that is compatible enough to relay your message.

To understand how you can use Twitter for your business or organization, you will need to know why it's such a powerful source. Twitter is a very simple program to use on your personal computer or mobile device and each tweet is limited to 140 characters. This can be used as a fast means of getting information out to the public as quickly as possible. Twitter also provides "immediate feedback… [and] instant access to smart people 24/7" (Comm 25-27). One example of immediate feedback would be this example given of someone's personal experience:

Pastor Carlos Whittaker…found himself stuck at the airport in Dallas and was

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