Violence And Video Games Media

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The video game industry is a 41.9 billion dollar market worldwide and it is expected to continue to grow at 9.1% annually. It is also considered one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. (Caron) Leaders in the gaming industry like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo constantly churn out "super powerful, 128-bit game consoles to the market…competing madly with one another to create the fastest video-game console ever, each boasting more horsepower than some of the most powerful supercomputers packed just 10 years ago." (Keegan) And it is on these video game consoles where some of the most popular first person shooter games are ever played. It is in these games where you can take control of a 3D character and set out in a made up world against enemies at war. It is also in these games where you have to take those enemies down by any means possible. One of the most popular shooter games is the infamous, Halo.

Halo 3 has made over 300 million dollars worldwide and the ever popular Call of Duty franchise has made over 3 billion dollars in profit to date (Fahey); both are first person shooter games. These videogames have such a large fan base and have such a hold on their audiences that sequels are awaited with extreme anticipation. The market focuses so much on putting out and promoting the next big first person shooter game that it is no wonder the gaming industry has received so much flak and blame for the few violent incidents that occurred where the offenders played violent videogames.

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