The General Development Of Rock Music Media

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In 1980s, Chinas Cultural Revolution came to an end. At the same time, economic reform made international commerce increase quickly. Many people like students and businessmen traveled abroad, and then began to send back a flood of Western goods, including Western popular music. Soon after that, young people in major urban centres heard rock music broadcast from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, the Voice of America, and other short wave service. (Paul, 1991:68)

The first rock band in China named ''Wan Li Ma Wang'' was established in 1980. This four-piece band just sang some songs from Western countries. Then came the bands ''Qi He Ban'' (figure 1) in 1984 and ''Bu Dao Weng'' in 1985. (Wu Hong Fei, Southern Weekly, 2009-06-15)

Cui Jian (figure 2) , an aspiring rocker who played trumpet in the Beijing Symphony before, played his first rock song called ''I Have Nothing'' at Beijing Worker''s Stadium in 1986. This song lifted the curtain on Chinese rock music. As most Chinese people thought, the first rock star of China appeared. In 1989, Cui Jian released his album ''Rock-and-Roll on the New Long March'', and this was regarded as the first rock music album in China. Soon after that, many bands appeared and released their own albums.

(figure 2, Cui Jian)

While the lyrics of the new early pop songs in China usually focused on romantic and historical topics at that time (Paul Frienlander, 1991), the lyrics of the Chinese new rock music pay more attention to freedom and wondering what is the truth of life. Numbers of people were drawn attention by those new rock songs, especially on campus. Therefore, most of the earliest group of people who like the Chinese rock music were the students in universities in China. Then, there had seen an increasing number of people accepted this new style of music. (Steven Schwankert, 1995)


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