Various Means Of Mass Communication Considered Media

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Radio came into the world around 1906 as a tool for ships and the military. In 10 years it became a public system with 9XM (now WHA). Which was a simple weather channel and today we have over 2000 radio stations on both AM and FM channels from religion to sports and everything in between.(

After Radio was introduced Edwin Belin took the ideas of two fellow scientists (W. E. Sawyer & George Carey) and created the first Tele-vision; which was black and white and had to be a live feed of just some pictures being flipped rapidly. This later led to Picture Films, many early films were only five to fifteen minutes long, or movies as they are called today. Color TV was introduced in the late 40's by John Logie Baird.

Modern music (as in the last 100 years) is said to be the most controversial thing to have happened to its rapidly changing and ability to be heard through every type of media. Radio started it then TV helped with famous singers like Elvis and his jigs and Conway Twitty. The creation of records helped music legends such as Muddy Waters and the Beatles. Now people can just go online and down load a song using ITunes or a less legal program such as Limewire.

The internet is by definition "a network that links computer networks all over the world by satellite and telephone, connecting users with service networks such as e-mail and the World Wide Web" (Webster's dictionary). But it wouldn't have been possible without the creation of computers and gaming systems alike. The people they created these things wanted to created a way to unite people even if they were not close.

All of these things people have integrated into their daily lives have changed the oldest and most basic form of media, books that's right the best example that I found came from Frank Caliendo during a MSNBC news conference about books and media said that "Movies make books sell for instance Fight Club was not even known about till the movie then every women who saw what was on the cover said Oh Brad Pitt's in this book".

The point is that media changes other media. Joel Black stated in his book "The Reality Effect: Film Culture and the Graphic Imperative" "that movies are what kept the Cold War just that a Cold War". Movies started to make people think about what could be and what is to be, no one ever expected that people watching Neal Armstrong take that first step on the moon would lead to movies like George Lucas' "Starwars" and Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek". Movies like "Reefer Madness" aided in the Banning of Marijuana in the U.S. because of the artificial hype that the government allowed the movie to have. Even more recent movies like "Super Size Me" and "Capitalism: A Love Story" forced people to change the way they thought about things they just blindly accepted. They even take credit for some of the changes they suggest.

That being said actors today don't have to be pretty or good actors just have to be able to remember their lines and they are set. Actors like John (The Duke) Wayne had to be able show emotion, and set the standard of what a "man" should be like; Marilyn Monroe set the standard of what women should call beauty and sexy (at the time). Many Actors Such as Charles Boyer and Clark Gable wouldn't be able to keep up with today's standard for movies, and film.

The introduction of film and radio allowed the rapid generation shifts and culture changes that have occurred over the last years, with things like movies that show a lot more than a woman's ankles, blood guts violence, sex, horror, and many more types of "taboo" things. Jonathan Rosenbaum stated in his book "Goodbye Cinema, Hello Cinephilia: Film Culture in Transition" that people conform to thing things that they believe are presented to them as accepted. Such as baseball players are more likely to use Chew Tobacco because they see major league players doing it and they just blindly accept it that way. However many movies are actual banned like the "Yes Men" which was banned from the states because two men made government officials looked like idiots and they banned there movie plus several lawsuits to prevent its spread "legally"

It goes the same way with Television shows they show things like "Desperate Housewives" a show that shows all rich women as nothing but liars and cheaters and that's ok because they are rich and beautiful and shows like "Spongebob" that were created to entertain the mental challenged and introduce multi-sex relationships like it's ok to hold a boys hand or a girls hand as long as you "like" that person (I personally don't care). These types of shows are becoming more popular today with spinoffs and bad copies that just don't cut it and bottom out. Of course good does come about with shows to like "Dora the Explorer" and "Little Einstein's" which teach children about counting, colors, good and bad, even math. And they have channels dedicated to learning like Animal Planet Discovery, History Channel, and the Science channel. These all help kids and adults learn about war, chemicals, animals, even just some funny things and history; but even these channels have things about them that are not great as to the current "fab" or popular choice with reality shows. That show people it's ok to exploit your children, selves, pets and even people you don't know as long as you're on TV it is ok to do whatever you want.

Would you tell your kids that selling drugs and killing people are popular and will make them rich, popular, and famous? No, well ever time you let them play Games like Grand Theft Auto and listen to music about things like that, you are supporting that type of behavior, and you may even be encouraging it. I'm not saying that all kids who play and listen to these types of game and music will became drug lords. What I'm saying is that eight year olds should not be playing a game rated Adult or listen to music about how a man shoot a dude then raped his girl in the next room, these types of things warps a child's perceptions on reality. And parent's lie to their kids enough to cause problems and belief issues, enough that games and music will only aid to that type of behavior.

The News is no better than any other type of show or media, in truth it's the most controlled type of media around. For instance the American Press Association (APA) is the largest news distribution agency in the world most newspapers get their stories from this agency for a fee. News channels only give you information that will influence your choices with thing you buy, who you elect, and how many criminals got away; to keep people constantly in fear and buying only products they want you to want. For instance the most recent presidential election several news channels Made sure that people knew that Opera A very popular TV show host and very wealthy businessperson was backing Obama in his election, what they didn't do is tell any why she was, the reason for this was to get a large number of supporters on Obama's campaign of "change" that has yet to fully change anything (as the News wants us to see it).

Of course this sort of Media siding happens all the time it's to force a sway in votes or general dislike of a person, especially during Elections and major government events. Even with foods and other products that we use every day from salads we buy to the toilet paper we use. And people allow it because they don't know what else to do but to follow.

The Internet was said to be created in the late 60's when the first network of widely separated computers was set up by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to aid in computer research. It was called the ARPANET, and it was created by scientists at Bolt Beranek & Newman, or BB&N, in Cambridge, Mass., and at Stanford University, based on concepts described earlier by Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists J.C.R. Licklider and Leonard Kleinrock (and others). Even though the internet is considered to be unrestricted by governments and media outlets it's still very controlled and can be used the same way as TV and radio to influence what people see and hear about certain topics even what sites they find when they search the web.

In truth we as a life form believe we should follow others and thanks to things like TV, Radio, Internet, and Video Games we change our behaviors, attitudes towards others, our dress even the way we speak to each other and we just blindly accept these facts as the way things are. Imagination and identity are dead and gone and will probably never come back to us.

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