Understanding The Evolution Of Controllers And Games Media

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To research, we have to use the controllers in order to understand and experience how it works and how comfortable it is for a player playing with it. But not all the controllers are available and it will be tough to understand how some of it works. Thus for those types of controllers that we can't use or that is not available, we have to completely depend on the net, books or magazines to know how others have experienced using it.

And also to understand how the future controllers would look like, we will have to get help from professionals to understand what they have in mind and what players are expecting. This we will have to completely depend on forums online.

With this study readers can understand various controllers and its uses and how these controllers evolved. From the beginning games were controlled by people using controllers. But soon it will be us who would be called controllers. With the help of all this study we can understand how games were controlled by us and how it will be controlled in the future. And this will also help me for my major project.

Game pads, joy pad, joysticks, and keyboards all go by many names and in various styles and sizes. But controllers have always been the interface between the gamer and the game. They are input devices that accept the player's movement and convert it into data that the console can interpret. Just like many consoles have evolved, game controllers have been seen in numerous evolutions.

In the early 70's, the controllers were knob style and were built into console deck. Players were forced to play at the machine. The knobs could be turned left or right and up or down. Soon controllers could be held in our hands but the disadvantage of that was the controllers were hard wired into the console, and the length of the cord was limited. The hard wired cords forced gamers to have to send the whole console for repair if the controller became defective. Knobs were popular until the arrival of joysticks.

In this chapter we will be discussing about the research taken for this document. The whole dissertation is completely based on the net, papers, books and magazines. The methodology here is qualitative analysis.

2.1. On Existing Information

Most of the existing information is taken from the net, books and magazines. The results were all studied and I've taken important information from them. Those results are mainly from articles, forums, papers and magazines.

2.2. Experimentation

To experiment these controls, we had to use the controllers that were available in the college and game centers like Blur. Not all the controllers were available but the information taken from forums, articles, magazines and from the net gave me and idea on how these controllers were used and what type of games can be played using those types

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