Video Games And The Future Of Gaming Media

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A video game is an electronic game that interacts with a user interface to generate video and sound on a video device. The word video in video game refers to a display device. The video games are played on platforms like video games consoles, personal computers or handhelds devices. These platforms can be huge like a mainframe computer or tiny like a mobile device. In the old times the most common platform was the arcade games.

To play video games we use an input device called game controller, may vary depending on the platform, for example, a personal computer could use the mouse and the keyboard, or just one of them, others could just use a game controller with just one button and others a dozen of buttons and two or more joysticks.

Video games have many others ways to provide entertainment to an user than just cool images and a nice gameplay, they can be adapted to a surround sound device like a home theater or headphones and game controllers can include a vibration component to simulate any crash or hit or force in the game.

How would be the future of video games? We can see through the time how gaming consoles were evolving. And not just their mechanism, or speed, or looks. Graphics design are now a lot better with an incredible resolution that looks realistic. These improvements in the gaming industry were really fast, gaming consoles started to exist on the 70's with just a game controller with a joystick and 1 button, today we have tons of different genre of games and game controllers with dozen of buttons. So, to where will this industry will take us in the future? I have the answer, to VIRTUAL REALITY. In the future WE will be INSIDE the game. We will be able to move on a moving platform with an special glasses and cameras to simulate a virtual world in your mind. In the case of FPS games, how would you feel if you were IN a war without being at it? Well, we don't know it now, but the future will talk soon. It was just an incredible jump from table tennis with two white bars and a square ball to a virtual reality simulated world in just 40 years.

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