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How can a Coventry High School student effectively raise awareness about the disease leukemia?

The Capstone project is a very exciting and scary project to be starting. I know once I complete my project, I will be one step closer towards successfully graduating from high school, but there is a lot of work to be done before that. Right now I am in the process of trying to gat the ball rolling on my capstone. So far I have figured out my core question and I have gotten it approved as well. The core question for my capstone is about raising awareness about the disease leukemia. I want to raise awareness about leukemia because my dad was diagnosed with leukemia very abruptly, and I truly had no idea what the disease was all about. If I raise awareness, the general public with be more apt to notice the symptoms of this disease, and may be able to save many lives before it’s too late. Another thing that we are doing in class right now is the Mini-Capstone task. This task is a mini-capstone is meant to give the students an understanding of the different parts of the project so that they can complete theirs with few complications. I feel that this task will be a great help, but I also feel that it is a waste of time because we only have one semester to finish the capstone project, and that goes by very quickly. I am very scared about how I am going to complete this project in the right amount of time because of all of the other wok that I have in my other classes. My goal by the end of this semester is to promote awareness of the disease leukemia at the Middle school level. By informing younger students, they can grow up knowing about the disease and can be aware of it in the world around them. I hope that my capstone is a success because there is not that much time left in the year, but I think that I will be fine once I start to actually work on the final product of the project, and not just random pieces of paperwork and such.

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