Bentham Vs Kant Why Kants Theory More Appealing Philosophy

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The idea of good and wrong is an idea that is present in some of the most heated debates. Because of this there have developed many theories that revolve around the idea of the moral worth of an action. Two philosophers that have contributed to these theories are Jeremy Bentham and Immanuel Kant. Bentham's view on the moral worth of an action is based on the concept of utilitarianism and believes that all our motivations lie behind pleasure and pain. On the other hand Kant's theory of the moral worth of our actions revolves around egalitarian ideas, and according to Kant, moral truths are based on reasons that make sense to all people. When one breaks down both theories, it just so happens that Kant's comes out to be the more sensible one in most aspects.

Bentham follows a principle of utilitarianism, which evaluates an action based on its consequences. The only relevant consequences however are the overall happiness created for everyone affected by the action. Bentham believes that what ultimately motivates us is pleasure and pain, hence, happiness comes from a matter of experiencing pleasure and no pain. Furthermore, pain and pleasure help us to determine what we ought to do as well as what we will do. According to Bentham pleasure and pain follow on the idea of the standard of right and wrong as well as on a chain of causes and effects.

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