The Main Branches Of Buddhism Philosophy

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Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion that comprises of a variety of beliefs, practices and traditions that are heavily based on teachings ascribed to Siddhartha Gautama, usually referred to as the Buddha. He was born in Nepal to a royal family. It is believed that Buddha lived and spread his philosophy in the north-eastern part of the Indian continent presumably between the 4th and the 6th centuries BC-about 2500 years ago. The Buddhists recognize his philosophy and teaching from the from the word Buddha which depicts an awakening or enlightening. This was after he discovered that there is a greater purpose to life than just wealth and he ventured in teaching Buddhism principle till his death. Buddhists believe that Buddha was enlightened and awakened to come to the rescue of sentient human beings from suffering-referred to as dukka in their religion, another goal was the achievement of nirvana-the beatitude which transcends a cycle of re-incarnation(heaven),and the breaking loose from sufferings in the rebirth.

Many a times a question is posed as to whether Buddhism is a religion. To many people Buddhism is more than just a religion it is a way of life, it is regarded as a philosophy


Buddhism is classified into three broad branches namely:


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