Different Descriptions Of The Meaning Of Life Philosophy

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One aspect of the study on life's meaning contains the systematic approach to explain what meaning people assume when they ask about the meaning of life. This paper describes different descriptions of the sense of discussion of meaning of life. A huge number of those writing on meaning of life deem talk of it mainly to signify an affirmative final significance that an individual's life can demonstrate. Hence, few suppose either that a meaningful life is an indistinct value or that what is of fundamental concern is the meaning of biological life or of the human beings. The majority eventually desires to identify whether and how the subsistence of one of us in the end has meaning, a particular value that is desired for ones own sake.

The topic meaning of life mainly signifies the two parts of its meaning, one is meaning of human life in general and the other is meaning of life to each individual person living it. This has been a debatable topic since earlier and there are several arguments found on this topic. A lot of people observe the issue of the meaning of life a religious and spiritual one. For instance John claims that our existence could stand for some purpose or be bestowed meaning by a god exactly like we give meaning to the words we speak. However, Ken opposes John and argues that there is always the issue of how God got meaning. Moreover as Kant stated, people could just as probably be ends in themselves having the autonomy to identify their own interpretation for their existence. Maybe the question is not so much regarding the meaning of life, but about living it.

In this perspective we may mean life as a game, likely the rules of the game present the player with a certain set of compelling choices. Till the time the choices keep on compelling, the game has a probability of being entertainment. In contrast if the choices are tiresome, confusing, and unexciting, the player will end up. In a game one may also have resources, money one can spend. Resources attach additional choices: How will one generate income and how much? It is simple to begin perceiving life as a game attach with compelling choices. We are provided with an extensive range of choices for resource acquisition, interactions, skill building and many others.

As we get mature our decisions tend to become more complicated, since early days preferences no longer retain the same attraction. We reside in a complex world; life is difficult for majority of the people most of the time. We believe that all of us relate to pain, live with questions, and get stuck in moments. We require to know that we are not alone in the places we feel stuck in general. We all come around to the human state. We wake to beauty and mystery but at the same time to tragedy and loss. Majority of the people live with troubles of pain and filled with questions. We believe that pain is enormously real. It is our dispensation to propose that hope is existent, and that help is existent. Life is also an enjoyment; pain and happiness are two very general things we encounter in life. Everyone has had his share of pain and pleasure. Enjoyment and comfort are also associated with food as it is something amply held and linked with satisfaction and pleasure, for there is no other thing better for an individual than that he should drink and eat. And reach the point of fullness is a big symbol of prosperity and enjoyment.

Life is also signifies as test because in every incident in our lives we go through things that measure our patience and tolerance. The manner we respond to these incidents we always require to be reminded of these experiences to be in accordance with God. The word of God always encourages us what approach we should have in meeting some tests and instances in our lives.

Life also means a trust because as we confront test we should always trust to God. At many times people around us dishearten us. When people around make us gloomy or frustrate us in some ways or express things that will make our courage weak, we think of God and pray and start looking at the bright side of things.

Life is sometimes nirvana that means extinction; it denotes the extinction of the self that initiates us to the realism of the true self. It happens if someone asks favor from us and we do it with pleasure, if a person asks for something from us and we are willing to provide with an open heart, if our children ask for our attention and we happily attend their needs. This merely indicates that our lives are valuable. Every individual is highly significant in the eyes of God. That we should constantly be cautious with the way we spend our lives that will certainly influence others.

According to the truth of suffering, life is through out suffering as birth is suffering, maturity is suffering, bad health is suffering, demise is suffering; grieves and sorrows, pain, lamentation and depression are suffering; dissociation from the pleasant is suffering, involvement with the unpleasant is suffering. And we all experience all of these through out life.

Life is an adventure because in an adventure we come across with the things we do not foresee. During the course of adventure we experience a lot of unexpected and unseen instances likely life is also a collection of unexpected experiences we can not anticipate in advance because life is uncertain.

In the similar way life is a mission for someone who is desirous to find the truth - an individual who feels that something is absent in his life and is looking for that core purpose of our presence here in the earth at present. In this way one will explore his own nature: what is described as the personality and the individuality. A person engages in a self-study process that includes discovering his capacity and strengths, in accordance with the personal mission statement.

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