International Relations Conflict And Strategy Politics

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Critique the claim: strategic culture is irrelevant when it comes to analysing the strategic behaviour of principal actors of the international system, i.e. states.

Strategic culture plays a very important role in the international relations in any given nation or state. Strategic culture stems down from the geographical location as well as the resources that are available in the country that is under consideration. Other factors that influence the strategic culture in any given nation are its historical background, the context of its society as well as the structure of its political system. From this definition, it is quite clear that the role of strategic culture is very important when it comes to determining the international relations of any nation with the others. Each country has a different approach to the threats that may face it and in this regard, the approach that the country will be able to put in place to tackle the security issues and threats facing the state will to a large extent be determined by the strategic culture that has been adopted in that particular state [] .

In the international system, the states relate with each other in what can be referred to as international relations; in this interaction, one of the most important and key aspects is the issue of military dimension. Indeed it is in times of war or when faced with security threats that nations call upon each other for help in the military dimensions. It is important to note that the strategic culture that is adopted by any nation is one that evolves over time; it is a factor of the historical issues that have taken place in the past [] . The events that have taken place in the past affect the strategy that is adopted by the state in relation to the military firepower of the nation.

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