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The United States of America has existed for many centuries, experiencing many alterations on its course of history. Looking through the eyes of most Americans today and the Americans two hundred years ago is entirely different. There are both positive and negative elements that could be discussed between both generations' diversity. However, government dependency is a downfall at this point in time. The way American people have started to rely on their own government, instead of their own paycheck has drastically increased. Many Americans argue that some do not even have a paycheck, yet are still begging for support. Today nearly forty seven percent of Americans are reliant on government services they are provided with. One in every five Americans are also receiving entitlements. "By reducing government entitlements, Americas would have to become more self-reliant, which would also strengthen their character" said Mitt Romney. Personal dependence and government dependence makes it a challenge for a portion of Americans to balance them both.

A man, who was elected President of the United States in 1932, started a very well known program. This was the first of many social programs to come. This man, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, created what is called the New Deal. This deal was enacted in 1933 and continued until 1936. In response the Great Depression, economic programs were created to relief, recover, and reform. In other words, these programs were promised to raise people from suffering in debt and poverty. The Democratic Party was considered the majority following the New Deal.

The Republican and Democratic party are both at fault by expanding entitlement programs and exploding debts. In 1964, programs referred to as "welfare" officially divided Republicans from Democrats and also Conservatives from the Liberals. A program that was first known as "Aid to dependent children" was created in 1959. Its name was later changed to "Aid to families and dependent children", also known as the AFDC. The AFDC supported nearly one million families and five million people.

The Social Security Administration is one of the well known entitlement programs that was created by the Social Security Act of 1935 which was signed and approved by President Roosevelt. The national program assisted the poor financially and supported the older aged Americans. Specific people who qualified for the federal insurance program were provided with income supplements. When you retire and become eligible for Social Security as a senior citizen, the credits you receive are based on the amount of your previous earnings. You can also qualify for Social Security benefits by having a disability that meets the Social Security's description of one. This specific program is not frowned upon and has made a positive impact with the Americans. However, the largest generation in American history will soon reach retirement. The "baby boomers" consist of seventy six million people. The retirement percentage will drastically increase while the working-age population will not grow as rapid. This will cause the cost of Social Security to rise quicker than the tax income. Before this produces a countrywide dilemma, the program should be adjusted to accommodate the massive amount of people that will soon qualify for this entitlement program.

Medicare and Medicaid are also two prominent programs. They are the largest source of funding for medical services to people with restricted incomes in the United States. A great portion of federal money is spent on the health care for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Medicare provides health insurance for almost everyone 65 or older and certain people who have a disability through Social Security. It assists with the price of health care, but does not cover all medical expenses or the price of most long-term care. Medicaid is also an assisting health program. Medicaid supports financially deprived and low income families with limited resources. Eligibility may confide in whether or not they are pregnant, their age, if they are blind/deaf, or have any other physical disabilities. Elderly people supported by Medicaid also are covered with the cost of services in their own home such as nursing care. Both health care plans take an abundance of responsibility and federal money to tend to a poor society of people.

The Food Stamp Program was created in 1964 with the Food Stamp Act. This program is also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Food Stamp Program provides assistance for buying food for low income people living in the United States. The federal aid program is conducted the United States Department of Agriculture. Only prepackaged food can be purchased using food stamps. $74.6 billion dollars was distributed in the year 2012 for food assistance. Along with the Food Stamp Program, the Food and Nutrition Service administers several opportunities that provide healthy food to children who cannot financially afford it. The National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast program, the Special Milk Program, the Summer Food Service Program, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program are all included with amending the meal plan for impoverished children. These organizations also work to decrease obesity in schools by serving healthy meals and teaching flourishing life styles.

The pie chart above displays the different components that the federal government spends the American people's money on. The light blue section, non-security discretionary, represents the money we use to support our school systems, nation parks, transportation funding, and funding the federal courts. The budget crisis will not be resolved by just cutting selective spending. Instead, a large fraction of the budget should be evaluated so the values are decent and consistent. Programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that serve the people could be modified instead. Compromises between both parties are valuable to conquer such a large debt and issue.

Long-term entitlement programs, tax reforms, and appropriate spending cuts would all be inclusive to a rewarding plan. Failing to plan is also planning to fail. The future generations are in our hands. If nothing is recreated or modified to help the government, it could continuously fall down hill. It is predicted that in ten years twelve million more people will be assisted by the government if this behavior continues. There is a fear of these programs creating a permanent entitlement class with people surviving off of just the government alone.

Income tax is rarely paid presently. In fact, half of all tax payers do not pay income tax whatsoever. A predominant group of these specific people continuously rely on the government for all their essentials. Eighty or more welfare programs are active currently. It is concluded that this number will remain large and accumulate in years to come. The checkbook will face an extensive deficit if this agenda is expanded.

Our nation's first achievement should be to diminish poverty. Slightly over fifteen percent of the United States lives in extreme financial need. Huckabee passed a welfare reform bill that reduced the rolls by half and the poverty rates declined.

"People coming off the welfare did not lack ambition to work, they just have not had the feel and acclamation to employment yet. The real strength of a government program is not how many people are on it, but how many people are independent enough to not have to need it" Huckabee

Along with Huckabee, a few believe you don't need to teach work ethic. Americans obtain this trait and need to be provided with employment. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate has steady increased over the past decade.

We used to hear about the single mother who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet for her family. However, now we are hearing more about the society of dependency that the next generation is being born into at horrifying rates. Unfortunately, single parenting has greatly increased according to the US Census. The parent is responsible for raising a human being under their leadership. When a parent with low income cannot financially afford for their child, many look to welfare programs as an infrastructure. The usual parent is eager to send their child off with a happy life for them to live.

"The American dream" from the founding fathers and leaders from early in history was to achieve excellence through hard work. They would never imagine people resulting to laziness and losing the desire to accomplish their goals. People are starting to expect their work to be done for them without giving anything in return. Success is gained through difficult work and dedication. In the past, children were thought to grow up and provide for their own family they would hope to have one day, In 1931, James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream by saying "Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth." The original American dream of prosperity is quickly becoming a nightmare. The hopes and aspirations of the long-established dream should be passed through ever generation. Each generation should have an ambition to make it more improved than the last. It is important we don't continue to stray from this idea. If so, it could possibly be lost in generations to come due to lack of will and want to improve our country.

The fundamental alterations in our economy have left a large gap of change from the past decades. The housing market, employment rate and the budget was dramatically better than what we are familiar with today. Unfortunately, many labor jobs have been replaced with our future technology and computers. Unemployment in the United States has skyrocketed. The lack of jobs could possibly be the blame for the amount of people that are financially dependent on the government.

The line graph above demonstrates the main expenditure is health and welfare. This would include programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Housing is not far behind with rapid increasing rates. Unfortunately, the past two years housing assistance has broken the record from previous years. Social Security could also fall under retirement. When you are sixty five years old and retired, you are eligible to use that specific program and the benefits that come along with it. More than seventy percent of federal spending goes to government dependence programs such as these. The more people that become dependent on the government, the higher the amount of federal money spent on these programs.

The issue of dependence is the luxurious feel that people are taking for granted. The reason it was initially created was to support a certain class of people directly after the Great Depression. The idea of the programs was not to bring our government down, but to eventually have the economy at a stable mark. The long-term effects on the creation have not been beneficial to what they had planned on happening. Each person goes through a time where they need someone to depend on. Every child desperately depends on their parents until they can make their own living and income. Dependence is normal for a human being, just not when it is abused. We were not made to do it all by ourselves with absolutely no guidance or help. When people are provided with aid from their local community or neighborhood, it is usually a mutual connection. They soon have the opportunity to repay them back in a similar way. When the federal government supplies aid to a specific person, there is not necessarily a mutual bond there. Most likely, the person will not return the favor to the federal government because it is not expected of them. This one-way advocacy usually gets taken for granted and overused. These programs can quickly morph communities and increase the dependency people have on the federal government. This cycle is beginning to be a never ending trend of entitlement thinking. Rather than continuing to follow the path we are on now, each individual community should take responsibility and reach out to help the local people and families. The all around American government cannot improve with a huge leap, but small baby steps. This plan of involvement would be more efficient and inexpensive.

As stated in the chart above, Americans' dependence on the government has varied until the present year. Sadly, the approaching years to come there is shown to be a steady increase of dependence. The percentage has grown 13.6 since 2009. It was also fourteen times greater in 2009 than it was in 1962. It would be devastating to watch the beloved country of United States' government and economy be completely extinguished. The debt of the United States can be traced back to dependence government programs.

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