INDO US Challenges And Opportunities Politics

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In the current international environment various trends have emerged for a new world order which will be the aggregate of diverse regional forums. It would be pertinent to study the significant arenas; hence coherence and focus can be achieved. With the backdrop of Cold war era ending, leading to the termination of a structured military confrontation involving East and West, duly supported with overpowering military capabilities, global armed conflict seems hardly impossible within an international community of the current millennium. Concurrently numerous unsettled territorial disputes remain, and religious and ethnic confrontations coupled with differences have emerged in a more pronounced manner. Complex and varied regional conflicts have become the order of the day. Besides, new facets of dangers, in various forms like proliferation capable of nuclear weapons and missiles capable of mass destruction are on the boost. National security directly affected by ever shifting internal and external environment is now directly proportioned to the paradigm of multifaceted mutually dependent and multidimensional pressure, actors and issues. The new archetype dimensions dictates security issues becoming less likely to be limited to conventional interstate or regional stress, wherein military and diplomatic approaches are adequate to resolve the dilemmas. Empowered by an era of information revolution, multinational corporations, minor political parameters, pressure groups and individuals, the facet of security has increased to a greater individual aspiration for many due to the changing dimensions of economy and energy factors. Therefore, diverse and multifaceted threats will surface from the political, economic, social, regional and environmental arenas or unpredicted combinations of all or any of the above mentioned factors. It is significant to appreciate the dimensions and magnitude of the multitude global scenario challenges, risks and opportunities in the changing environment. This period of transformation and changeover clearly depicts a noteworthy exodus from the past characterized by the predicaments of bipolar global altercation, when USSR and US were the main focus. A transition stage post Cold War era has given birth to numerous Power gems - USA, European Union, Japan and China. The other nations with potential waiting in the queue, yet to develop into regional powers are Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, ASEAN, Israel, and the Gulf states.

Striking changes at the international state of affairs have initiated a course of reorientation of the power sharing in international politics. A gradual and steady renovation from geo-political world to a geo-economical world is becoming the order of the day. There is no doubt that any future world order would have 'Economy' and the power it wields at the centre of any international power calculus. As interdependence among nations intensifies, efforts are underway in various areas, such as political and economic spheres, to promote international cooperation and to further stabilize international relations. An emphasis has been placed on preventing destabilizing factors from escalating into serious international problems. In the area of security, continued progress is being made in arms control and disarmament, based on agreements between the United States and Russia and within Europe. Efforts are also being made toward enhancing regional security frameworks, expanding multilateral and bilateral dialogues and promoting the role of the United Nations.

The resurgence of the racial, regional and religious issues will continue to fuel conflicts between belligerent groups and with globalization, the very concept of nation state will continue to diminish. With the free availability of information in abundant quantity and quality on the click of a button and the matching rise in individualism, we are already witnessing the empowerment of the individual and small groups. Their capacity to hurt the society and countries are phenomenal as was seen on 9/ 11. Correspondingly, there is a dramatic increase in the number of non - government actors, such as crime and drug syndicates, religious fundamentalist groups, the free availability of technology and radical ideas.

4. India being a proven matured democracy coupled with the geo strategic location and responsible conduct in various global issues make it an indispensable power in the Asian region. India came to the global centre stage since 2000 marked by a sea change in the Indo US relations with constructive and positive interfaces. Hence India should be a force capable of extending her influence much beyond a third world nation, as per the prospects of her population, size, geo-strategic location, plentiful natural resources, economic and military capability. This should redefine India as a 'regional power' which is an imminent part of the globalised seaming evolutionary and economic-innovatory processes.

Statement of Problem

5. India needs to forge closer ties with US to facilitate her aspirations of playing a more dominant role in the Asian forum.


6. India has the potential to exploit closer bilateral relations with the US towards achieving her aspirations of being a more effective regional player in the Asian forum by 2030.

Justification of the Study

7. USA and India are the two largest democracies of the world. In the apprehension of a uni polar world, various countries are still in the process of redefining the new world order and hence new power centres, new alignments and regional cooperations are in the process of outlining themselves in a future multi polar world. For many countries, India being one of them, the Security and Economic percepts have highlighted a need for rethinking. Economical diplomacy, liberalization and technological development have acquired new interpretations in the changing world order. New understanding amongst group of nations, economic globalization and many more issues have ,therefore, necessitated correct understanding, formulation and execution of a dynamic, flexible, versatile and coherent approach towards USA.


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