The Need For Peacekeeping In Africa Politics

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Many factors contribute to the need for peacekeeping missions in Africa including the continents history of colonialism and conflict. The end of the Cold War coincided with the collapse of state institutions in countries like Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, and the Congo (DRC). Disputes over natural resources such as diamonds in Sierra Leone and gold and cobalt in the DRC led to armed conflict that evolved into guerilla warfare involving mercenaries, warlords, militias, and child soldiers. These conflicts were further fueled by a huge influx of weapons and small arms from Eastern Europe in the 1990s [] . The conflict and strife in many African countries with weak or no powerful central institutions caused instability that often spilled over to neighbouring countries such as the case with Rwandese conflict spilling into DRC. The international community was therefore obliged to act in some manner and in the early nineties did this by sending in peacekeeping troops [] . The UN has thus been forced to intervene in states where the internal structure has been weak.


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