Assessment Of The Realism International Relations Politics

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Realism in international relations theory is one of the dominant schools of thinking within the international relations discipline. Realism or political realism prioritizes national interest and security over ideology, moral concerns and social reconstructions. The realism talk about the world as it is and do not create or assume anything from its own for the world or the working of international relations. Basic ideas or realism are

Pessimist view of human nature

International relations is name of conflicts between states.

The state only seeks for power or in other word National interest.

The system is anarchy. There is no higher political authority above state which can control the international system

They talk about human nature that it is greedy and only seeks for its interest. If one is improving that means other is reducing or losing. They called international relations a zero sum game.

Classical realism states that it is fundamentally the nature of man that pushes states and individuals to act in a way that places interests over ideologies. Classical realism is defined as the "drive for power and the will to dominate [that are] held to be fundamental aspects of human nature


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