How Has Business Effected Climate Change

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The earth's climate has changed drastically, as a result of increased human activities over the years, and will continue to change as long as there is continued expansion in the various business sectors; this meant that more 'Fossil Fuels' had to be consumed in order to produce enough energy to supply the ever growing demand. This increased energy consumption, elevated the levels of 'Greenhouse Gases (GHG)' in the atmosphere and with 'Carbon dioxide (CO2)' having the largest by percentage, caused the earth's atmosphere to heat up giving rise to 'Global Warming'The truth is that 'CO2' is an unavoidable by product, and that each person's daily activities coupled with this rapid expansion in the various sectors are to be blamed for the sudden increase in the percentage of 'GHG' in our atmosphere. Industries, businesses, companies, organisations etc. are some of the largest contributors to global warming for the mere fact that they require vast amounts of energy for continued sustenance.There is a growing concern about global warming and the lasting impact it will have on humanity and the environment. This crisis has led the Global community to implement a number of legislations geared towards the reduction of CO2 emissions, two (2) of which are the 'Kyoto Protocol' see Appendix 1 and 'Copenhagen Accord' see Appendix 2. The need to reduce our CO2 emissions and the dependency on 'Fossil Fuel' by using more 'Renewable Energy Sources' to produce clean energy.2.0

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