Chinese Water Security And Implications On India

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1. Global water resources are limited and are fast becoming scarce on account of population pressures, urbanization and now, climate change. Water is duly viewed as an important strategic resource, one which requires to be protected and valued. As a result, when one or more countries are to share water resources, the chances of disputes and/or conflicts always exists. It can be summed up as said by Ismail Serageldin, vice-president of the World Bank: "The wars of the next century will be about water.[i]"3Global Water Balance2. Freshwater Availability.

Earth has more than two third of its surface covered with water, of which majority is salt water. The distribution is as shown in figure 2. Of 2.5 percent fresh water about 70 percent is as ice at the poles, and about 30 percent is as soil moisture or as underground aquifers that are beyond humans access[ii]. Thus finally, less than one percent of all the fresh water on earth is accessible for human use.Figure 2.Global Water Balance

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