Climate Change Starts With Our Atmosphere

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Climate change starts with our atmosphere. The combination of gases surrounding with the earth without which this planet would be a large lifeless sphere and people wouldn't exist. While many process in the earth occurred naturally it is the measured rate at which some are changing and that is the measure case of concern.

Scientists have long known that the presence of atmosphere keeps the surface of the planet warmer than it would be without the atmosphere. [1]In fact without the atmosphere the surface of the earth would be cooler than it is now because there is a radioactive equilibrium we know that the planet emits enough long wave radiation to equal the solar radiation absorbed by it. However, most of the long wave radiation that is emitted by the planet into space is emitted by the atmosphere rather than the surface of the earth beneath it. Although the surface of the earth does emit long wave radiation only about certain percentage passes through the atmosphere and escapes into space and rest is absorbs by cloud and greenhouse gas.

There are many greenhouse gases but the most abundant gases are water vapor and carbon dioxide (C02). Short wave radiation from the sun passes through greenhouse gases, but long wave radiation by then. Greenhouse gases absorb long wave radiation that is emitted by[1]Chameides, B. (2007, July 25). The Greenhouse Effect Explained. Retrieved from Environmental Defense Fund website: surface of the earth.

Subsequently the greenhouse gases reemit long wave radiation in all directions. About half of the remitted long wave radiation does escape into space and contributed to the planets radioactive equilibrium. About half of the long wave radiation emitted by the gases is directed back to the surface of the earth. Water vapor and carbon dioxide allows solar energy to penetrate earth atmosphere, but prevents much of the long wave radiation emitted by the surface of the earth from escaping to space.

As a result, a continual exchange of long wave radiation takes place between the surface of the earth and the atmosphere above it. The long wave radiation contained in this exchange causes the warming effect known as the greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect produces a warmer climate on earth than would be possible without an atmosphere. But if we add more CO2 molecules to the atmosphere as we have been doing for decades now. These extra molecules increased the interception of outgoing long wave radiation.

They're by retaining additional heat in this contributing to the intense warming of the planet.Since the 19th century when the first theoretical and largely research was done scientists are now able to define with increasing precision. The impact on how such gases are having on changing the climate. The result of their finding, global warming is occurring and green house gases like CO2 added to the atmosphere are driving it.

The concentration of CO2 has been increasing in a rapid pace. In the late 1950s, an American Scientist developed Charles David Keeling develop an instrument that allowed him to measure CO2 concentration in the atmosphere very accurately. Within a few years he was able to prove that CO2 levels were increasing. [2]Figure (A) shows the measurement of Dr. Keeling's findings and the measurement[2] The Mauna Loa Observatory (Contri.). (2012, November 20).

Atmospheric CO2 for October 2012. Retrieved from CO2 Now. Org website: made at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. When Dr.

Keeling began making these measurements in 1958 the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was 315 parts per million (ppm) by volume and today the concentration exceeds 390 ppm nearly a 30% of increase which is more than the highest natural levels over the past 800,000 years. The most current measurement of CO2 is 391.03ppm, which was measured in October 2012.Figure (A)There are many factors such as natural and man-made those contribute to increase in C02. The main source is human activities such as combustion of fossil fuels.

We use fossil fuel to generate electricity, transportation, power our industrial economy, and heater home. [3]Globally, the heavy industries that manufacture products such as cement, steel, and consumer ______________________________________________________________________________[3] Greenhouse Gas Emissions. (n.d.). Retrieved June 14, 2012, from EPA website:

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