Assessing The Impacts Of Global Warming

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Nowadays, it is noticed that the Earth’s temperature is increasing more than the last years, where humans caused most of the earth warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives, the result is called Global Warming.I am interested in this subject because I would like to know what Global Warming is, is it relate it to the whole in the ozone layer, how Global Warming affects our life, and what we can do about it.Firstly, global warming will be introduced and we will learn if it is related to the hole in the ozone layer. Secondly, the effects will be clarified. Thirdly, why should we care about this issue and what can be done to solve or eliminate global warming, will be explained.

Finally, a conclusion will be given including my own opinion about this subject.Global Warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth near surface air and oceans in recent decades, where it causes changes in the climate and weather patterns from place to place.Earth Warming is increased due to the greenhouse effect, which is the warming that happens when certain gases in Earth's atmosphere trap heat. Through the burning of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases emissions, humans are enhancing the Earth Warming. The main gas responsible for the most warming is Carbon Dioxide (CO2), where it comes from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production. Therefore, since the industrial revolution in the world, humans increased the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by more than a third.

Moreover, the methane released from landfills and agriculture (especially from the digestive systems of grazing animals), nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration, industrial processes, and the loss of forests that store Carbon Dioxide (CO2) increased the Earth' Warming as well.

Is global warming connected to the hole in the ozone layer?

Global warming and ozone depletion are two separate but related threats. Global warming and the greenhouse effect refer to the warming of the lower part of the atmosphere due to increasing concentrations of heat-trapping gases. By contrast, the ozone hole refers to the loss of ozone in the upper part of the atmosphere, called the stratosphere. This is of serious concern because stratospheric ozone blocks incoming ultraviolet radiation from the sun, some of which is harmful to plants, animals, and humans.The two problems are related in way for instance,Some human-made gases, called chlorofluorocarbons, trap heat and destroy the ozone layer. Currently, these gases are responsible for less than 10 percent of total atmospheric warming, far less than the contribution from the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.Reducing ozone-depleting gases is crucial to preventing further destruction of the ozone layer, but eliminating these gases alone will not solve the global warming problem.

On the other hand, efforts to reduce all types of emissions to limit global warming will also be good for the recovery of the ozone layer.

What are the effects of Global Warming?

There are many negative effects that affect our lives during this period and during the coming years, which are a consequence of Global Warming. Sea level rise will become faster and faster even if greenhouse gas levels are stabilized. Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, storms, increase in rain and snow fall. Ice melting worldwide will rise especially at the Earth's poles. Ecosystem changes, where some species will move from their origins to cooler areas and even could become extinct.

Therefore, incense in deaths, displacements and economic losses are projected due to the extreme weather attributed to Global Warming.

Why should we care about Global Warming?

We should care about Global Warming because it affects our lives negatively, where global temperature increases, it will cause many changes in the climate and weather including glacial retreat and worldwide sea level rise, which may result in flooding and draught. Increase in the range of disease vectors such as, malaria carried by mosquitoes and dengue fever that is considered a fear for everyone on Earth. Global Warming will increase the vibration level in the sea and oceans that might leave us without a source for drinking water or getting electricity. Many species might become extinct, which might also leave us without having a source of some kinds of fishes and seafood that is considered the main living source for some people in some areas like the Arabian Gulf region and many other countries that depend on this type of food.

More destroy in the world might be caused for example by the hurricanes, which is one of the previous effects mentioned earlier as a reason of weather and climate changing. Also, economic costs will increase due to climate changing across the globe which will affect the areas where we live (developing countries), then we might be in a great economic risk.

What can be done to solve or eliminate Global Warming?

We should all work together to eliminate and reduce Global Warming to be on the right path toward a stable climate. If we started working from today forward, we would make a big difference in our lives. Many things can be done for instance, trying to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by conserving the forestlands, growing trees and plants, and maintaining the agricultural fields that increase the amount of Carbon we are storing in order to reduce the heat.

Furthermore, everyone of us can help each other and the government on working to cut greenhouse gases, reducing greenhouse gases emissions from a variety of sources with technological available in the next few decades, and improvements to energy efficiency and vehicle fuel economy. We should work on increasing wind and solar power, producing hydrogen from renewable sources, biofuels (produced from crops), natural gas and nuclear power rather than producing energy from gases that destroy our lives and lead us to being in a bad condition in the near future.


The purpose of this assignment was to know more about Global Warming, how it affects our lives and what can we do in order to reduce these effects.In this assignment, we have introduced Global Warming, plus if it is related to the hole in the ozone layer. And, learned about what its effects, why should we care, and what can be done to solve or reduce this problem.In conclusion, it was a real interest for me to learn about this subject to know its effect on our lives and what can I do as a human living on this earth to avoid the coming major problems that would destroy us. I came to know many things by researching and reading about Global Warming that I did not know before.

I knew many practices that we do in our daily lives and lead to disasters like, not caring about forestland, farms, some animal species and getting energy through harmful gases that affect us in a negative way.From my own point of view, I think that all of us should work closely hand by hand to enhance our lives and make it a better environment to live in for us and for the upcoming generations so we can live healthier and survive in this world without major losses and destroy.

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