Using Gis To Illustrate Strategic Spacial Planning

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Sim City is a computer simulation software that allows the users to simulate their own imaginary cities from scratch, converting an empty and untouched natural landscape into a progressive metropolitan city over a period of time. By that time, the users will experience the challenge of building, developing and maintaining an extremely complex city development system as it happened on the real city. This simulation game can help the user to learn new vocabulary and new concepts related to city and urban development that lead to a better understanding on how to develop a city with numerous functions under certain terms, condition and other specific characteristics.Under this assignment we are divided into several groups which have their own task and burdened with specific goals and objective. The groups is divided into 3 (three) groups which have their own focus in terms goals and objectives.

They are the economic development group, the environmental group and the social group.The Sim City simulation provides a clear understanding to the relation between decision made on spatial planning and development. It also introduces main concepts of a strategic spatial planning through the concept of 'learning by doing'. During the simulation, there are 3 (three) most important lessons applicable in our work situation which I learned from the Sim City exercise, they are as listed below:The importance of strategic spatial planning.After determine the land use zoning, determine the direction of the cities development, and start to build the infrastructures, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the planning towards the implementation stage based on the latest condition happened on the ground.

If there are some problems occurred because of the wrong planning decision, it is important to take different decision which could be the emergency one to adjust the planning towards a better implementation. This couldn't be applied if the decision maker is only implementing the statutory land use planning which is static and difficult to adapt to the latest condition.The role of statistics towards a better planning and development.During the game there are lots of charts, graphs and other statistical information shown up on the game interface. Those information could be useful to see whether the planning is well accepted by the society or not. Then, we may control and manage the current development of the city. There is also other information provided in forms of newspaper that give a clear statement to the current condition and opinion of the local society.

So instead of taking only technical aspect into consideration, it is interesting to learn how social content could really determined the development of a city.The means of intervention.During the game played, we learn several things related to how the influence given to a certain development area could give significant effect to its surrounding. One of the examples related to the environmental concern is the intervention of putting public transportation infrastructure right in the city center significantly decrease the level of traffic congestion and pollution rates. Thereby this decision is supported by the whole community shown by their expression stated on the 'virtual' newspaper. It also shown by the level of mayor rating that is incrasing significantly.

Other example is the policy to develop the city based on environmental concern that resulting the conclusion to the use of compact cities concept and smart growth development in terms of density and infrastructure development is the best way to create a balance between the conservation of an existing natural resources, the cities economic development and population growth that is being targeted.II.

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