The Modern Mobile Malware Computer Science

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The modernization of mobile phone appliances/services has paced up owing to the main control of internet on telecommunication for preceding two decades. The use of internet has increased on the mobile phones so the threat has also increased against the mobile phone and its services. On the other hand, these services are being attacked by different malicious software, or attackers. The enlargement of wireless applications comprises option for clients to exploit their mobile phones additionally than a voice communicator extended to an increase in the functionality and features of the mobile phones and the mass of the devices are small and able to fit in the pocket. As to the advancement of the technology now a day's mobile phones sold today include not only a camera, but also the wide online access, key boards and the other distinctive computer functions.

Now a day's mobiles are more compatible same like computers and the laptops coming with all features with the advancement of technology there is also a development of the cyber-criminal fraud operations and the spread of the mobile malware. In this paper I discuss mainly with the security aspects of the mobile and the mobile malware and the solutions to minimize the risks against the emerging mobile threats and the vectors for spreading the mobile malware and the mitigation to different types of attacks on mobiles.



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