Performance Testing On A Web Application Computer Science

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The aim of this project is carry out performance testing on a web application and deliver the performance verification report. The concept of performance testing is new to me and I learned it in detail before proceeding to carry out the performance testing. The performance of the application is one of the important requirements considered to be used by the customers.

I have taken a web application, warehouse management application developed by one of the senior and studied the application and implemented in the test machine. The application is studied in detail and identified the business test cases in the application.

For all the test cases test scripts were developed using the performance test tool JMETER. The tests are executed with increasing user groups. With the available hardware configuration in the test system, I had formulated four different hardware configurations using which the tests should be executed to check the performance of the application with regard to the hardware resources.

 Finally the mix profile is created and the tests are executed with the mix profile in configuration4.

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