Protected Fo Undation For Hosting Computer Science

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A secure web server provides a protected fo undation for hosting your web application and Web server configuration plays a critical role in your Web application's security. Badly configured virtual directories, a common mistake, can lead to unauthorized access. A forgotten share can provide a convenient back door, while an overlooked port can be an attacker's front door. Neglected user accounts can permit an attacker to slip by your defenses unnoticed.

What makes a Web server secure? Part of the challenge of securing your Web server is recognizing your goal. As soon as you know what a secure Web server is, you can learn how to apply the configuration settings to create one. This Project provides a systematic, repeatable approach that you can use to successfully configure a secure Web server. This Project provides a methodology and the steps required to secure your Web server. You can adapt the methodology for your own situation. The steps are modular and demonstrate how you can put the methodology in practice. You can use these procedures on existing Web servers or on new ones.

The fact that an attacker can strike remotely makes a Web server an appealing target. Understanding threats to your Web server and being able to identify appropriate countermeasures permits you to anticipate many attacks and thwart the ever-growing numbers of attackers. The main threats to a Web server are:


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