Look At Man In The Middle Attack Computer Science

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We are living in the world now that everything is going to be wireless and wireless networks are spreaded almost everywhere to make life simpler and faster.

Wireless networks might make life simpler and faster, however if they are not installed correctly, they cause a huge security flaw and make your network vulnerable to outside attacker who can easily compromise your wireless network and monitor your activities and possibly steal your sensitive information such as your financial details or your identity.

This paper is divided into three sections. Section one is about the problems with wireless networks and how they can make your private information vulnerable. Section two is an explanation about what security measures are available to make your wireless network as secure as possible. In last and final section we are going through a security guide to make a secure wireless network for "Billion 7800n" modem.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Discussion of the problems with wireless networks:

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