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In this paper we are going to see wormhole attack in Mobile ad hoc network. In this the message can be passed through intermediate nodes using tunnel this will select the shortest path for transmission. While transmission the message the attacker records the message and transmit to others networks this is called warm hole. To avoid this first we have to send request to each node before transmitting the message and have to calculate the time and distance for each hop. While transmission if any of the node delayed to response then we can identify the wormhole and we can broadcast that to other nodes. In this way we can detect and avoid the Wormhole Attack.


A mobile Ad hoc network is a wireless network which is used for mobile devices. This can be moved independently in any direction from network to another network and it can change links to others devices frequently. Mobile Ad hoc network is a infrastructure less this data must route through intermediate nodes. It does not need backbone infrastructure and it's easy to deploy. It is very useful when infrastructure is absent.The various application of Mobile ad hoc network is personal area network (PAN) like cell phone, laptop and Wi-Fi devices etc.Militaryenvironments,civilian environments and Emergency operations are the application of Mobile ad hoc network .Lot of challenges in mobile ad hoc network like packet loss during transmission, limited bandwidth connection and variable capacity links. Limitations imposed by mobility like dynamically changing topologies or routes , short battery lifetime and limited communicate with other device through access points.


The above diagram shows the Mobile ad hoc network. In this Mobile ad hoc network we going to see how to detect and avoid wormhole attacks. When sender has to transmit the message it has to pass through the intermediate nodes. So we have to select shortest nodes for forwarding. This we can do by using tunnel. Thetunnel selects the shortest nodes and pass the message to the destination. the worm hole is that the attacker record the message and form network and forward to the other avoid this we have to send request to those node which we are forwarding and have to calculate time and distance of those nodes. If any nodes take longtime then we can identify the wormhole and we can broadcast to other nodes. And also we can identify by using the neighboring nodes.

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Wormhole attack is that an attacker receives packets at one point in the network tunnels them to another point in the network and then reply's them into the network from that point. And various methods has be proposed for detect the wormhole attack like watchdog and packet leashing methods .Watchdog identifies the misbehavior of nodes by copying packets and maintained a buffer for recently sent packets. If the packet is timeout, increment the failure tally for the node and it exceeds the thresholds then node will misbehave. But this approach has some limitations and it is not detect the misbehaving node during ambiguous collisions, receiver collisions false misbehaviors and collusion. Leashing methods consists of geographical and temporal in geographical leash the receiver packet within a certain distance from the sender and temporal give specific time to packet to reach the destination. But we don't know the exact location of the sender and receiver to overcome this we proposed request and reply method to detect warm hole attack. In this we send request to neighboring node in tunnel and calculate its time and distance for each node while transmitting the packet if it response late then request time then we can detect warm hole attack and we can broadcast to other nodes in the tunnel.


To detect the warm hole attack we have to use the following steps

Step 1:

Make a tunnel for the nodes make sure that each node is connected with every other node

Step 2:

Send request time for each neighboring node

Step 3:

Note the request reply time of the eachneighboring nodes.

Step 4:

Now send the original message to the nodes.

Step 5:

If the acknowledge time greater than the request reply time then we identify the attacker.

Step 6:

Broadcast the attacker node to every other node


Various methods have been proposed to detect wormhole attack but this Request reply method is very efficient to detect the wormhole attack. This request and reply method will check for each node hop by hop connection and detect wormhole attack.

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