Recently Developed Googles New Application Computer Science

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Previously searching was restricted to text based inputs only. But with the introduction of voice and image based search, searching has been made much more user friendly. Google Inc. has taken one more step in image based search for mobile devices. Google Goggles works on the principle of Image recognition. It provides an easy interface to take a picture and use the picture to search web and produce useful results. Google goggle is not just an image recognition application but provides much more functionalities. It uses Optical Character Recognition to extract text from the picture taken and translate the extracted text into any of the 40+ languages available on If the application fails to get an exact match of the image then it provides different categories to browse visually similar images.

Currently Google Goggles work well with monuments, logos, barcode, translates sign boards, converts one text language to another etc. But it lacks in providing good results on pictures of plant, animals, cars or furniture.


As of now, current version of Google Goggles is 1.9, launched in August 2012. Its technology uses C++ for back end and java for front end coding. Initially, it was developed for android operating systems but now software also runs on iPhone devices. It is available to all android devices running on Android 2.2 and above. On Android devices it could be freely downloaded and installed from Google Play. It also runs on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices with the Google Search App.


Google Goggles is an emerging technology and has many innovative and new features with every release of new version. Some of the features of Google Goggles are described below:


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