Veterinary Surgery Database Development Computer Science

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This assignment is for the Database Design and Development module. In this assignment, we will have to implement data modelling, data analysis and data design techniques to design and develop a database. First, we need to investigate and try to understand the scenario given. According to the given scenario, we will have to design a database for the Petcare veterinary surgery. Petcare is a medium sized veterinary surgery with six branches across London. It is given that the Petcare holds records of the animals they care for, prescriptions and appointments. Each animal has a particular owner. Each doctor has specialized in their fields of animal.

There are altogether five tasks in this assignment. The tasks require us to apply data analysis and design methods to accomplish them. We will have to use such methods as entity modelling and normalization techniques. After the data has been analysed and designed, we will need to set up the database and write SQL queries to retrieve data from the database.

In Task 1, we are required to draw an entity relationship data model which describes the content and structure of the data stored by Petcare.

Task 2 is the task in which we will have to produce the resulting normalised tables together with their primary keys and foreign keys.

According to Task 3, we need to set up the normalised tables from Task 2 using a Database Management System (DBMS) and populate the tables with test data. There need to be at least 5 records per table. Then, we will have to capture screen shots of the tables we have set up.

After setting up the tables, Task 4 asks us to set up and test queries using Structured Query Language (SQL) to retreive certain records from the tables. We will have to write SQL code for the following queries:

Display the names and addresses of the branches of PetCare and the names of all the veterinary doctors working at each of the branches. Any specialism(s) of the veterinary doctors should also be shown.

Display all the appointments for the whole of the PetCare organization. This should be ordered by date. The result should display the branch the appointment is at, the name of the veterinary doctor the appointment is at, the name of the veterinary doctor the appointment is with, the date and time of the appointment, the name of the animal the appointment is for, the type of animal and the breed of the animal.

Then, we will have to provide screen shots of the resulting output produced when the queries are run in the database.

Task 5 is the task in which we will have to explain assumptions we have made during the course of the assignment analysing, designing and implementing the database, provide reasons as to why we have chosen the approach we have taken and explain other alternative approaches we could have taken to carry out the above tasks from 1 to 4. We will also need to discuss changes we could make to improve our work.

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