Collision Avoidance And Energy Efficient Mac Mwsn Computer Science

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Mobile wireless sensor network (MWSN) is an emerging technology that has attracted much research attention in the recent years. It consists of large number of tiny low power, cheap sensor nodes that have sensing, data processing and communicating capabilities and are mobile as they are attached to vehicles, humans, animals, mobilizers etc. It offers various advantages than static wireless sensor networks such as dynamic network coverage, replacing failed routing nodes, better targeting, data fidelity etc. [1]. Energy efficiency is a very important parameter as these nodes consist of small battery power. The network lifetime depends on energy efficiency and therefore reducing the energy consumption plays a very crucial role. Major energy consumption occurs during communication. Energy wastage occurs due to collision, overhearing, control packet overhead and idle listening. A good MAC protocol must help to reduce the energy consumption [2] and avoid collision from interfering nodes. Most of the traditional Mac protocols of WSN try to efficiently generate duty cycle without taking into consideration the reduction of data packet collisions. Retransmission of packet consumes more energy [3]. Therefore it becomes important to design a MAC protocol that reduces packet collisions and generates good duty cycle.

This paper is distributed as follows - Section II deals with prior works done in this area. Section III gives the design details of the Collision Avoidance Energy Efficient MAC protocol. Section IV discusses the simulation methodology of the proposed MAC protocol. Section V concludes this paper.


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